Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TCP: Ice Castles

This is a story of a young girl who is on top of the world until a tragic accident dashes her hopes and dreams of becoming a world-class figure skater. Only with the help of those who love her can she prove to the world -- and herself -- that she still has the potential to realize her dreams.

By the time I've seen this movie, I was really amazed of Taylor Firth's talent. 

Indeed, a real good movie.

Monday, November 29, 2010

MYM/RT: @ the Bakery....

@ the Bakery...

While waiting for our orders...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Product Review: Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS Watch

One way of staying healthy is by working out to burn that unwanted fats and calories. But doing such thing excessively may cause an adverse effect to your body. Work out like running should be done regularly at considerable pace depending on the individual’s capability. It is hard to track your pace manually. To make it possible, there is an available advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) - enabled device that will help you in tracking your work out development. It is called the Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS Watch.
 A review has made regarding this device. It has pros and cons despite the fact that its specifications are helpful. Well, every device has advantages and disadvantages. Tackling about advantages, as to functionality, it is user-friendly. With its featured dimension, you can easily carry it with you and you can even stay outside for long with its 10-hour battery life. You can even wear it while swimming because it is water-resistant. You can also customize your workout plan by setting up your preferences like your pace and the equivalent distance and the amount of calories you need to burn during the workout using the device. Like what I aforementioned, doing excessive exercise may cause an adverse effect to our body. Thus setting your preferences is helpful since this device will alarmed you once you go beyond your predetermined settings as to number of paces, distance and the required calories. It is indeed, easy to use, simple to set-up and the screen is easy to read. Another added feature was that you can share your data to your friends through the Online Garmin Connect, an online community that was developed by Garmin to analyze, connect and share different data with various Garmin users. Furthermore, they can also use Garmin Connect to contact the customer service department. Indeed, with its rich feature and reliability, this Forerunner GPS device is worth the try.

However, talking about disadvantages, this device has no heart rate monitor and automatic synchronization. Well, given the fact that this watch is worn on the wrist, it is really quite impossible to monitor the heart rate not unless it is specifically designed for that. Regarding its compatibility to the Online Garmin Connect, some users find it hard to connect because of poor signal recovery. It took too long to connect to the satellites and for MAC users, this device is not compatible.

Health monitoring is a personal endeavor. This device is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As for me, in spite of its negative features per review, this is a helpful tool in preventing possible health problems.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dahilayan Here I Come!

Life is so full of surprises! I have experienced it so many times already. Latest of which is for this Tuesday's trip to Bukidnon for the Annual Evaluation and Planning Conference of our school. I am so blessed to be part of the group. The focus was not really on the horseback riding and zip lining, but to the Conference. We will be staying there for three days and two nights. I know we will be there to work but somehow the management also consider the place so that all of us could unwind from the busy, stressful jobs back home. We will be staying at Mountain Pines Place then before going home we will have fun at Dahilayan Gardens and Resort. Our last night will be filled with a country spirit as we geared up for cowboys attire at the Saddle Ridge Camp... It's pretty obvious how excited I am. I just hope and pray that everything will be okay in accordance to God's plan.

GT: What We Most Love

I am a certified shopaholic but not with apparels... Every time I went to the mall, I always go to footwear section, not for heels but for flip flops. I do have lot of slippers. I love to wear flat footwear.

I also love to go to cosmetics section. My latest craze for now was treatment for my hair. I am desperate enough to revive my hair the way it was a decade ago... Due to chemical treatments it became damage. Anyway, I was able to manage it (though I've got a lot of falling hair now). I am still hoping the most suitable hair product for me. I am using L'Oreal with anti-frizz formula as of now, hopefully it will work this time. Speaking of L'Oreal by the way, have you tried their Super-blendable blush on? I did, and I can guarantee that you will really love it! it's price plays around P 850.00 -900.00 but it's for long use! It comes with a compact mirror and a brush.

When I am in the mood of buying apparels, I always go for jeans. I love to buy those petite type. I seldom shop for bags, I just borrowed from my Mom (she's a collector anyway).

See that slippers on the upper right side of the mag? That's one of my favorite!

Well enjoy shopping for this GT Thursday!

It's so nice sharing it here anyway... 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shoot Me: Happy Birthday Carmel

This is not about Me... It's about her.

Friends come and go though some chooses to stay... As for this woman, she opted to stay. Our friendship may not be that perfect but at least its something that is worth enough to cherish.... a kind of friendship that is worthy to keep...

Happy Birthday girl... we might misunderstood each other sometimes but it's normal.... it's part of pruning our friendship in order for it to become more solid....

I love you

I wish you the best of everything...

Never stop clinging unto Him.

God bless.

Forever In Blue Jeans

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Allow Me To Comment: Justice Delayed; Justice Denied

Yesterday marks the 1st anniversary of the Maguindanao Murder case (a.k.a  Ampatuan Murder Case). The killing of 58 individuals of November 23 last year indeed marks terrorism, if not barbarism. Only demon-possessed individual had the courage to commit such act. the Ampatuans pleaded not guilty,  meanwhile the affected families clamor for justice and that is for the Ampatuans to be judged guilty of the crime... The justice they are hoping for was not achieved after one year. on the news this morning, P'noy mentioned that he will do everything to expedite the result of the case...

On the other hand, if we can still remember, we have this unresolved Visconde Massacre case that was still pending for review at the Supreme Court for almost TWO DECADES! (so long that Internet and blogging was not yet conceptualized and cellphone was still out of the picture). As I watched the news last night, indeed it was really disheartening to see the very expectant  Mr. Lauro Visconde , husband and father of the victims got frustrated for the outcome of the case wherein the SC asked for extension before the final verdict (see related news HERE)... so delayed.

I am just wondering how justice was being analyzed for such a very obvious evidences presented before the jury... I am also wondering how the SC manages their decisions for those cases that aged for years? I just hope that the Visconde case will receive fair, impartial judgment. Meanwhile, for the Maguindanao case, unlike what the Visconde case had experienced,  hopefully it won't take long for justice to prevail...

Is there a relevance between justice delayed and justice denied?

Just asking.

WFW: 1 Peter 2:9

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Welcome to Mc Donald

While we were on our way home from our morning rituals, I insisted Carmel (the one wearing lilac sweater) to pose before the Mc Donald signage for my entries here... They're having some improvements with their landscape...

Head on to Mary of Work of the Poet for more of

Have fun!

Monday, November 22, 2010

MYM: Featuring- Jacque


Well, I am pretty sure my subject would surely kill me because of posting this picture without her knowledge.... I just find this one so cute... I wish there is something red in color as well so that primary colors will be completed lol :) peace jacque!

By the way, jacque is my officemate. She's not only a good officemate, she's an obedient daughter too... That is why her haniko loves her so much ♥...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kudos to my students... my fellow teachers

Taking licensure exam is a mixed emotion... The presence of pressure is there and fear for the outcome as well is inevitable. No matter how we try to remain calm, still we cannot help but wonder what would be the outcome of the 3-hour or more grueling exam... I've been there... I got the same feeling six years ago... Before I took the exam, I claimed God's promise to me in Jeremiah 29:11... I shared the same promise to them... For those who were not able to make it does not mean they are forgotten by God. His thoughts and ways are beyond our understanding... His plan for each one of us is greater than ours...

God is too wise to be mistaken, 
God is too good to be unkind
When you don't understand, 
when you don't see His plan and 
when you can't trace His hands, 

Batch 2009-2010

To Shiela, Jemelyn, Joahnna, Michelle, Geramie and Jennifer- to God be the glory!

To Philip, April, Gracel, Jury and the rest of the group who were not able to make it- never lose hope!

No eyes have seen
No ears have heard 
No mind has conceived
What GOD has in store for us

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Work In Progress of Lindsey

check this out:

something clever: Work In Progress

I am a self-confessed frustrated artist (lol!)

I wish i could have done some art similar to the one above.

I love the art of the author,Lindsey. so cool!

GT # 1: Domestic Diva

T'was my first time here to share with the Girl's Talk...

For this week's theme: Domestic Diva. I cannot really relate that much. The truth of the matter is that- it was only my Mom who has the heart to shop for our home kitchen utensils. Well, actually, I did brought home once a set of decorated glasses which I really found to be so attractive, however, my Mom didn't like the color that much. She opted for clear glass design while I go for those somewhat with abstract design. I am more particular of the design really. What I commonly purchased on the kitchenware section is coffee mugs. I love coffee, and I specifically love big mugs. The mug I am frequently using right now is from Avon. It was actually owned by my sister but she gave it to me before she left. What I love most about it is the spoon and the cover. However, the spoon got broke. Another thing that I love buying on the kitchenware section is the water bottle. How about you?

my kind of coffee mug...

TT: Coming Back To The Heart of W♥rship

Many times I've wrote about how I grew weary on my walk with God. Many times also that I was reminded by God that apart from Him I am absolutely nothing. So many times I failed God, and for  countless times I directed my life on my own. I became shortsighted of the glory of God. I thought He is no longer mindful of me. I even came to a point of blaming Him for the bitterness and emptiness I felt within me. It was so shameful of me to feel such thing against Him...
Then God revealed something to me... I cannot run away from Him... No matter what will I do with my life, He will be looking after me, He will not forsake me. Oh hallelujah! How can I be so proud of myself that I forgot my real identity before God!

Last Friday, during an overnight fellowship with my fellow youth, I am so ashamed in facing God. I cannot afford to look straight unto Him. I felt like I do not deserve for His mercy and glory anymore, but somehow, God said on His words, in Romans 8:1- THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION... Wow! That was exactly the words that He gave me when I kneeled before Him for forgiveness...

I am so thankful for the relief that morning! Yes, I am coming back to God, like what the prodigal son did to his father... I am coming back to the heart of wrship!

God's tender mercy is new every morning! His steadfast love never ceases! Glory and honor be upon Him and only Him! Amen.

Determination Part 2: Morning Advocacy

Determined to survive...
Determined as I was to lose weight, I became consistent with my desire to wake up early in the morning together with my housemates to jog our way to a healthy lifestyle. Actually, I somehow managed to walk and jog but in gradual mode only since I am still having a difficulty in catching my breath (lol!). We took a different route right now. We no longer pass through the Robinson underpass, we utilize the large parking area of Limketkai, along Limketkai Drive. It's nice to take a morning walk wherein all you can see are smiling people who have the same advocacy as yours, and you can hear less vehicle noises and more of the chirping birds. It is also a good feeling to be able to greet the early street sweepers, who, in their own remarkable way,  manage also to shred some calories too.

I know I still have a long way to go but at least I made it. I notice some positive changes so far. I no longer find it too tiresome in taking my steps up to the third floor of the ICT Building where I held my class every Monday and Tuesday night.

Wanna be a part of my morning advocacy?

Forever In Blue Jeans

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WFW: I John 1:9

I've stumbled so many times... I disobeyed God... I go on my way, I became complacent in serving Him... I grew weary on my ministry...

I am absolutely and completely lost from His plans for me. But guess what, last Friday, during my close encounter with Him, it was really such a great experience! But I know it's not all about experience, it's all about the reality that after all, God still choose to forgive and love me unconditionally... What a heavenly dose of truth!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life's Sentence

Life, just like a sentence, is expressed in different way. A sentence that ends with a question mark is somehow related to a confused life- so many questions and doubts but no definite answer. While those sentence that ends with an exclamatory point can be likened to a life that is filled with surprises. For a life that is filled with hope goes on and on just like a sentence that has so many commas. Some may be confronted with so many options just like a colon or a semi-colon. A life that is worthy of praise and adoration is just like a quote that is enclosed in a quotation marks. And for those who experienced greatly and was able to overcome all the challenges in life may have been emphasized well in the society just like the words within a parenthesis. Nevertheless, for those who seems to lose the faith and hope to continue with their life may just end it with a PERIOD.

How about you? How do you construct the sentence of your life?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


just for fun...
Determination? Yes! That's the right term for hopeless- to- lose weight individual like me. I opened up the idea with my house mates to wake up early in the morning in order to shred some calories, and indeed, we were able to make it this morning. Our route was within the Limketkai ground (Starting from the rear portion of PNB Bank down to Robinson underpass). While we are on our way (we woke up a little bit late so by the time we started hiking from the boarding house it is already 5:30 in the morning), I suggested for  a brisk walking only but my two other companion insisted for jogging. And that was it! I go for brisk walking while the two went ahead of me as they jogged their way to fitness. It takes determination to realized such goal. I have so many failed attempts before. I was overcome with my laziness to pursue such goal. Mid-month this year, one of my house mates invited me to join the Aero-dance sponsored by Nestle at the Sports Center. I was very interested then but wasn't able to continue after four successive attendance. I just hope that this time, I will really stick to my goal. I felt the urge to persevere. My body told me so. I finished just one round for this morning. I have to do it gradually as my Arthritis is bugging me again.

Forever In Blue Jeans

Would you care to join with me?


Yup, thank God it's Wednesday! Time flew so fast. I am glad that  my first meeting with my students was very successful. The classes that were given to me are so far very good, dominated by well-behaved young men. I know we still have a long way to go but the first meeting last Monday and Tuesday with my Mechanical Engineering students only proves that even a spoiled brat child can be tamed. The teacher's role is indeed very challenging. It is not easy to deal with quite a number of students especially all-male. Patience and Self-control are very essentials in handling them. The way they are treated is also very significant. There might be a tendency that teachers may lost their patience but the manner of gaining it back without losing your temper is the most challenging part. Well, I just closed my fingers in prayer that this whole semester will end up smoothly with no failing marks.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Trusting WebVisible for Online Advertising

No matter how small your business is as long as its exposure is evident on the internet, you could never go wrong about it. The internet usage nowadays is on its maximum heights as compared before.  The goal of earning high traffics for your online advertising is very much feasible. We cannot underestimate the power of online advertising nowadays. The success of online advertising depends on the popularity of the product and the way its keyword was optimized. A search engines plays a great role in the success of the online advertising business. In order to achieve maximum impact, there should be a wide exposure among those well known search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Google. To ensure greater return of investments, it is best idea for the advertiser to invest his money with partners like WebVisible. If you are not familiar with it, WebVisible is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company and leading name in local online advertising. It is  known for being a true expert in bringing the Internet as an advertising and customer acquisition medium to small businesses around the world. Working with them gives small business advertisers the assurance of receiving widest exposure to the largest locally targeted internet audience possible. 

With WebVisible, your business is in good hands.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shoot Me: 3 Years...

yup, today is our third anniversary...

my huggy and me.

our relationship is tested by time, pressures, struggles, and problems.

our relationship is not perfect, we both have flaws, we fight often, we misunderstood each other most of the time...

but love and God's will keeps us together...

as time goes by we learned to depend on each other, to trust one another and to hold on to each other...

For those who cannot wait for the big day, there is one thing that I want to say...

it will be sealed soon, in the right time, definitely in God's time.

Be, thanks for the l♥ve, care, patience and prayers.

I l♥ve y♥u einuj. (He is in Negros right now)

Forever In Blue Jeans

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

♥♥♥♥♥ Extra Life

It’s been five years but the scene was still so vivid in my mind…

I can still feel the blood dripping on my cheeks down to my shoulder…
I can still hear the cry for help…
the wailing sound of pain…
the frightening siren of the ambulance…

That was it…
That was the November 2 vehicular accident that I’ve experienced five years ago…
The good thing there was that all of us survived…

An extra five years and still counting…
Something to look forward to in discovering God’s ultimate purpose in my life…

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