Thursday, November 18, 2010

Determination Part 2: Morning Advocacy

Determined to survive...
Determined as I was to lose weight, I became consistent with my desire to wake up early in the morning together with my housemates to jog our way to a healthy lifestyle. Actually, I somehow managed to walk and jog but in gradual mode only since I am still having a difficulty in catching my breath (lol!). We took a different route right now. We no longer pass through the Robinson underpass, we utilize the large parking area of Limketkai, along Limketkai Drive. It's nice to take a morning walk wherein all you can see are smiling people who have the same advocacy as yours, and you can hear less vehicle noises and more of the chirping birds. It is also a good feeling to be able to greet the early street sweepers, who, in their own remarkable way,  manage also to shred some calories too.

I know I still have a long way to go but at least I made it. I notice some positive changes so far. I no longer find it too tiresome in taking my steps up to the third floor of the ICT Building where I held my class every Monday and Tuesday night.

Wanna be a part of my morning advocacy?

Forever In Blue Jeans

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Jen said...

Cute Pic. Good luck and have fun with your workouts :)

Jan n Jer said...

Looking good girl, keep up the good work!

Ms. Diva said...

Nice job!!! It is so hard to get out but, once I'm out and running I LOVE it!! Keep up the good work!

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