Saturday, September 28, 2013

Trending News That Are Worth Knowing

I already posted this on my other blog and I love to feature it here as well. I just can't get enough of Megan Lynne Young, my ultimate bet for Miss World 2013. She was my bet not only because she has a Filipino blood and she was representing the Philippines, she was my bet because she is beautiful inside and out.

I wasn't able to watch the Coronation because we don't have a cable TV, I just learned the news from Facebook updates. But before this day comes, I already followed her updates through Yahoo news and I learned that joining a beauty pageant was one of her ultimate dreams and indeed she doesn't fulfilled it, she really succeeded on winning it as well! Aside from winning the crown, she also won the Top Model competition during the Pre-Pageant.

Photo: This is it! Goodluck megan

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Megan Lynne Young, the 1st Filipina to win Miss World title

I already admired her since she joined the Star Struck couple of years ago in GMA channel, her beauty was exceptional. I am also very proud how proud she is for being a half-Filipino. This Fil-Am girl is not only beautiful, she's very humble too. And because I was so busy waiting for the Miss World updates, i forgot to watch The Voice showdown. Well, so far, these are the two major events happening in the Philippines that has been trending in most social media accounts.

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Looking Forward For A Package From Abroad

My sister- in- law is so excited because my brother who is working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia will be sending her a complete set of personal computer for their kids. My nephew who is in 7th Grade right now really needs to have one because their old PC isn’t working properly anymore. Since my nephew got a lot of school requirements that needs internet research, he has to spend an hour or two in the internet cafĂ© every day.

My brother told them that the package will probably be shipped within two months because express shipment that will only take a month is very expensive. I was wondering then what would happen to the package for such longer period of shipment? Anyway, if the courier company is using the appropriate packaging for shipping, then maybe items as delicate as PC will be safer. Hopefully, the company uses anti-static foam to keep the package really safe.

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From Fun Run to Marathon

My hubby's first time experience in fun run is so successful and he really have fun last Sunday together with our church mates. This coming Sunday will be Milo's Annual Marathon event and my hubby is so excited to be a part of it too. He is aiming to run for 5K because the Milo Marathon's 3K is for kids only.

Joining this kind of event will be a sure fun especially for my hubby who will be joining Milo Marathon for the first time. Running is a good exercise and I know he can really benefit from it.

By the way for those who are interested, find below the race map

Milo National Marathon Race Map


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Earn Master's Degree in Social Work

The Christian Church and other religious groups have long been associated with doing charity work wherever such ministry is needed. Constantine was a Christian emperor of Rome, and he is the first ruler on record as having funded the Christian Church's alms work. In the 1800s in England and the United States, the first government programs began for social work that paved the way for the work and education of social workers today. 

England was a leader in establishing laws and programs to help the poor and needy within its borders. The laws provided for low-income and less fortunate people to fit into categories that would serve them in the best way. As examples, the able-to-work poor were in a different category from the infirm and helped according to their need. 

In the United States, a growing problem was the overwhelming number of immigrants who arrived in the country and had no money or means of support. Aid programs sprang up and individuals and organizations donated time, supplies, food and medical help to the stricken people. Eventually, hospitals saw the need for some type of social workers and hired skilled nurses for the task. Massachusetts General Hospital was the first with others soon to follow that employed nurses as social workers. 

Today, social workers are often on the front lines in the fight against social injustices. They work with the poor and needy and strive to protect human rights. Those interested in a career in this field find many private and public colleges and universities that offer social work degrees. These institutions of higher learning are a positive presence in local communities, and they advertise on radio and television as well as in relevant printed material and webpages. They will sometimes list their bachelor's degree and masters degree in social work in the advertisements. Especially do they advertise social work coursework to target audiences on the internet. 

Social workers hours or benefits might be cut when the economy is struggling, and more social workers may be hired during times of economic highs. However, those in government realize that the poor need the social work programs in place. Schools offering education for careers in the social work field encourage students to enter this career path by showing the accomplishments and rewards of working for social needs. Certainly, government-funded social work and programs will continue into the foreseeable future.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Intramural's 2013 Happening at MUST

This week is a fun-filled one with the celebration of our school's Intramurals with the theme: Heroes Revolution. I didn't really joined the fun because I was stuck at the office checking my student's projects. On my way out, I read this tarpaulin and I might as well share it here:)

What's the advantage for this year's Intrams was that the Gym was already available for use. Unlike on the previous years, we have to rent for almost a hundred thousand to Lim Ket Kai Atrium for the cheer dance and the MUST pageant. And oh by the way, speaking of MUST Pageant, I am so proud of the newly crowned Ms MUST, she was my student before in High school. Danica Tacbas is very intelligent girl and she truly deserves the crown!

The Intramurals will commence on September 28, 2013. Be there and have fun!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finally Got My PRC License

Last September 11, I filed for renewal of my License at the PRC. I am so glad that finally I was able to do it. I supposed to have it renewed on the year 2010 but for some personal reasons, I opted to delay the renewal and I can't believe it took me three years before I finally have it. Because of that lapses on my part, I wasn't able to apply for the government, which I regretted so much. I just realized the importance of being in the government and I knew I've lost so much opportunities.

Now that I have my renewed license, I am hoping and praying that I could make it in the next ranking schedule. I am praying for God's favor. I need to work it out before the next summer. I love my current job right now but I don't have a security of tenure, I don't get paid during summers and worst of all, it's a no work, no pay scheme. I've wasted a lot of time before realizing the importance of having a permanent job.

I am declaring that the year 2014 IS MY YEAR, The year when I'll be hired in the government, the year of financial breakthrough! Yes, Lord, thanks for your provision. I know I can do all things with the strength coming from You!

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The LiveCycle ES2 Enterprise RIA Certification Exam Requires Hands On Experience

A unique feature of the Apple Logic Pro 9 certification pathway is the ability to earn a master certification, the highest level of certification that Apple has to offer. Unlike the other certification programs, this one combines two certifications into one and offers a higher professional status, which can succinctly demonstrate your abilities to perform the related tasks and be considered as an expert in the product suite. Becoming a master looks great on a resume and is a great way to show your full expertise of the Logic Pro 9 product suite.
What’s also unique is that no additional exam needs to be taken. Once participants have taken the Level One and Level Two examinations and earned those certifications, they will automatically have earned the master certification. Information covered by these certifications will relate to the features and processes of the digital audio editing and MIDI sequencing application, including Training courses and other resources are available to guide your preparation, while all exams must be taken at an Apple Authorized Training Center.
A master certification is also available for the trainer versions of the Logic Studio certifications. It can be acquired in the same way – by passing both the Level One and Level Two trainer exams. Individuals interested in teaching the Logic Pro curriculum as a certified industry professional should look into the trainer program that Apple has available.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

I MUST Run Is Going On Right Now...

Our school, together with other sponsors, currently hosted its first fun run open to all interested individuals. How I wish To join but I just have my CS operation and I guess it's a big NO NO NO. Anyway I've got a representative in the person of my hubby LOL! And since it was his first time, I registered him under 3K category only ;D

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

What You Ought To Know About Vehicle Inspections

2013 Toyota Service & Parts | West PA Toyota Care
Every state has their own laws regarding vehicle inspections. If you live in one of the 17 states that requires regular state inspections for vehicles, then you know how frustrating it can be to pay money for a mandatory inspection when you don't need one. Many dealerships and garages offer specials on state inspections to make it less of a hassle. You can find great deals by searching for something like Pennsylvania state inspection. The state inspection special should cover all parts of the mandatory law including emissions and proper operations inspection.

In states where vehicle inspections are required, vehicles must provide a safe experience for both the driver and other vehicles on the road. In some cases, inspections are mandatory ever ear. In Pennsylvania, if your vehicle is over 17,000 pounds, you have to have an inspection every six months. State inspections aren't required for every sate. For example, Florida, Kentucky and Minnesota no longer require inspections with approval from the federal government.

Getting a state inspection means that you have to go to a state-operated garage in most cases. however, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana and North Carolina allow drivers to go to any garage to get their car inspected. This offers the best prices, but you also have to make sure that the garage or service center has approval from the state to give state inspections. Otherwise, your inspection won't count.

Safety and emissions inspections are two separate tests. While some states require an emissions test, others only require a safety inspection.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

For the Love of Coffee

image not mine ;)
I am a certified coffee-holic. I love coffee and I know it could brittle the bone. But still, I just love coffee LOL! I love how coffee create a bond between me and my colleagues in school. We could talk a lot of things over a cup of coffee. I am also amazed how coffee connect the gap between me and my hubby when we are not in good terms. We still share a cup of coffee even if we have petty quarrels. I can also think and write a lot while drinking coffee. It also keeps me awake when I need to stay up late. Who doesn't love coffee? Could it be the asparteme that do the tricks? or it's just the invigorating aroma that makes you go hmm hmm hmm ;)

Whatever is it, i would love reading your comments over a cup of coffee! Head on!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013



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Monday, September 16, 2013

God Save the Philippines!

One for Tandang... one for Kuya and one for Pogi...

These three senators strongly denied the allegations. Of course, no thief will dare to reveal himself not unless he was regretful for everything he did. Ten Billion worth of money is such a fortune, carelessly distributed to greedy lawmakers thus resulting to sunken Philippines. I just hope this case will really have a positive result- prosecuting and persecuting those who are obviously guilty of the crime.

Philippines have already enough to bear. There goes the corruptions, the war and poverty. May all these predicaments come to an end by giving the right justice. 

It's high time for the Philippines to rise and shine and prove to the whole world,not only in Asia, that indeed, Philippines is a Christian country-with  corrupt-free citizens.


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Reminders from Globe

I got a call from a very unfamiliar number that starts with number 2. At first I was hesitant to receive the call considering that its number is not on my list. Eventually I answered it after its third attempt. It was from GLOBE. The caller representative of GLOBE reminded me of my unpaid dues LOL! Now I realized I need to organize a lot of things like our monthly payable. I should have a complete list of things to be paid for every month. Good thing Globe didn't impose penalty for delayed payments. Gee.... When I went to Globe later this morning, it was a long wait and their Wi-fi didn't work, but still I have to wait patiently otherwise my account will be blocked.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Often Do You talk To Your God?

Me, almost everyday. However, such talk isn't all about giving God thanks and praises He deserves. It's more on complains, regrets and bitterness in life. As if I was putting all the blame to God. I don't know why am I so like this lately. I am so bitter, easily get irritated, so many complains and regrets. Then I realized, I missed talking to God as in "real talk". The kind that we used to do. I miss praising Him, reading His Words and pondering over it. All I can hear now is myself talking nonsense. I made God as just a 'mere' listener. What a shame on me!

This morning's Praise and Worship was a heart trembling experience. Crying out before God acknowledging your vulnerability when being apart from Him. Oh God am so sorry for being so mean... Thanks for holding on, thanks for your unfailing and unconditional love.

♫ You are the love of my life... You are the HOPE that I cling to... You mean more than this world to me....

I am so sorry Lord for my indifference.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Online Degree for Millitary Spouses

Which career is best for me?

Image courtesy of:

Earning a degree is very important not only for career building purposes, but for self-boost improvement as well. It's a different feeling if you obtain a degree in the field where you think you will really excel. However, not all individuals got the chance to pursue their studies though the means is available. Just like what the infographic above have indicated, there are lots of available scholarships for military spouses that goes unclaimed. One of the reasons maybe why the beneficiaries were not able to enjoy the said scholarships was busy schedule. There are also stay-at-home spouses who cannot make it because their hands were already full with the house chores and when they are done, they do not have energy left to go to school. However, cases like this have a definite solutions. As we all know there are educational courses being offered online. They offer flexible schedules thus obtaining an online degree is not impossible anymore. 


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Post- Birthday Celebration @ Shakey's

I was very sick on my 32nd birthday. I got fever, and body pains all-over. There's no celebration at all. Since I got married, birthday celebration is no longer a priority, just thankful that God still allows me to live. And because I was sick, I didn't attend to my class. The next day, I already reported to school though am not that okay yet. A colleague of mine suggested for some food trip with our department chair and another colleague. We all agreed to try the newly opened Shakey's Pizza Parlor. What we have ordered was a group meal good for 5-6 persons consisting of pepperoni pizza, pasta, chicken, garlic bread and mojo! Though it's not really meant to be a post-birthday celebration, but I considered it as such LOL!



Oops, all the photos above were just taken from their website. I wasn't able to capture our actual orders LOL! But basically, these are what we enjoyed to consume heartily!

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Blah Blah

Life is what you made it. SO TRUE!

I can't imagine how dumb sometimes a person could be. Those people who wanted more, received less. It's up to you how would you relate it to yourself if you could. We might consider it a real blessings if we will receive something (not necessarily material things) beyond our expectations. But imagine how disgusting would it be if you get something worst than anything you could think of... much more if you have to accept that "something" until your last breath.

AND what could be more disgusting if all this these things is happening to you?

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's Your Insights?

NOTE: This is exclusive for my EdTech students only.

Write your insights about the following topics (One post for each topic):

  1. Absenteeism- how does it affect the student's learning. How to deal students with excessive absences.
  2.  Cheating- As future teachers, what do you think are the measures to use in order to minimize the case of cheating.
  3. Unruly Behavior- giving corporal punishment to unmanageable students is a big no-no for teachers, what are the other ways to tame such kind of students?
  4. Student-Teacher Relationship- elaborate this topic.
  5. Suggest one classroom policy that haven't existed yet which you think will help both teachers and students in the learning process.
Avoid copying from other existing articles. Those who will be caught will automatically get a failing grade.When you are done, open this LINK and provide the necessary details then comment "DONE" on this post.

Deadline: September 30, 2013

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