Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Often Do You talk To Your God?

Me, almost everyday. However, such talk isn't all about giving God thanks and praises He deserves. It's more on complains, regrets and bitterness in life. As if I was putting all the blame to God. I don't know why am I so like this lately. I am so bitter, easily get irritated, so many complains and regrets. Then I realized, I missed talking to God as in "real talk". The kind that we used to do. I miss praising Him, reading His Words and pondering over it. All I can hear now is myself talking nonsense. I made God as just a 'mere' listener. What a shame on me!

This morning's Praise and Worship was a heart trembling experience. Crying out before God acknowledging your vulnerability when being apart from Him. Oh God am so sorry for being so mean... Thanks for holding on, thanks for your unfailing and unconditional love.

♫ You are the love of my life... You are the HOPE that I cling to... You mean more than this world to me....

I am so sorry Lord for my indifference.

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