Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Post- Birthday Celebration @ Shakey's

I was very sick on my 32nd birthday. I got fever, and body pains all-over. There's no celebration at all. Since I got married, birthday celebration is no longer a priority, just thankful that God still allows me to live. And because I was sick, I didn't attend to my class. The next day, I already reported to school though am not that okay yet. A colleague of mine suggested for some food trip with our department chair and another colleague. We all agreed to try the newly opened Shakey's Pizza Parlor. What we have ordered was a group meal good for 5-6 persons consisting of pepperoni pizza, pasta, chicken, garlic bread and mojo! Though it's not really meant to be a post-birthday celebration, but I considered it as such LOL!



Oops, all the photos above were just taken from their website. I wasn't able to capture our actual orders LOL! But basically, these are what we enjoyed to consume heartily!

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