Thursday, September 19, 2013

For the Love of Coffee

image not mine ;)
I am a certified coffee-holic. I love coffee and I know it could brittle the bone. But still, I just love coffee LOL! I love how coffee create a bond between me and my colleagues in school. We could talk a lot of things over a cup of coffee. I am also amazed how coffee connect the gap between me and my hubby when we are not in good terms. We still share a cup of coffee even if we have petty quarrels. I can also think and write a lot while drinking coffee. It also keeps me awake when I need to stay up late. Who doesn't love coffee? Could it be the asparteme that do the tricks? or it's just the invigorating aroma that makes you go hmm hmm hmm ;)

Whatever is it, i would love reading your comments over a cup of coffee! Head on!

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