Thursday, September 10, 2020

Grateful @ 39

Grateful @ 39

One more year and I'll be among those whose life has just begun, or is it really true that LIFE BEGINS AT 40? LOL! Well, for me, my life began when I decided to surrender my life back to God when I allowed Him to have total control of my life. 

Anyway, I am so thankful to God for the gift of life. I am all the more thankful that He sustains me throughout the years. I am also thankful for the gift of family and friends, for the love and care that they have extended to me. I am also very thankful to my Mom and Daddy Mike for the love, their effort really made me cry. Indeed, my day yesterday was complete. Though I wasn't able to blow my own candle coz I do not have a cake (yes, that's true but it's okay), my Mom did it for me virtually, and that's absolutely enough!
I am also thankful to FB for reminding almost all my closest FB friends that my wall was flooded with their greetings and virtual hugs.

Now, I am starting to tread the road to 40!

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