Saturday, September 5, 2020

Happy World Teacher's Day!

Today, September 5, marks the start of the monthlong World Teachers' Day celebration. I just want to tell the whole world how grateful I am for this profession. But first, allow me to share my journey in choosing my would-be profession.

I remember back in my childhood days, every time my teacher asked what would I like to become when I grow older, my answer was 'to become a lawyer'. Yes, I really wanted to become a lawyer. I just find it so challenging. When I reached high school, there was a change of mind on my choice of profession, that time, I decided to become a teacher. That was what reflected in my yearbook. However, when I started college and enrolled in Architectural Drafting, my heart yearns for Architecture but our resources didn't pave the way so my LAST RESORT was to proceed Education courses. Yes, that was my last option, my one, and only option. Indeed, in 2002, I graduated with a Bachelor in Technician Teacher Education Major in Architectural Drafting. But guess what, it never sinks into me yet after the graduation that I am leading to the teaching profession. In fact, it took me two years before I decided to take the Licensure Exam, which was 2004. Then finally, I got my first teaching job (by force) at Mindanao Polytechnic State College (now USTP), my dear alma mater. I was really reluctant to take the job but my alter ego told me to do so, to face the reality that I am fated to teach. My first year was a roller-coaster ride. I was only a page ahead of my students. But with the full support from my colleagues, who were my teachers before, I was able to embrace my profession with all my heart! I taught for 9 years in college before I decided to enter public high schools. I noted the difference between teaching secondary and tertiary, it was so challenging but somehow manage to overcome it. Now, I'm more than 5 years already and yes I am proud to become one of the catalysts of change among the life of my students!

So, to all my fellow teachers worldwide, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!

Introducing CANVA App!

My tasks in school is not only limited to teaching. I was also the designated Records-in-charge, BAC Secretariat, LIS Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, and on top of that I was also tasked to layout tarpaulins, Certificates, cover pages, Presentations, video editing, Brochures, Signages, etc. Before, I used to be the SMEA Coordinator, LRMDS Coordinator, and Assistant ICT Coordinator. Indeed, my hands are quite full when it comes to school tasks. But am not complaining because every task taught me new lessons.  

For lay-outing tasks, I use the Photoshop as my tool for editing, and mind you, I only learn such skill when I first came to DepEd. My first principal tasked me to layout a Souvenir Program and saying NO would never be an option. Though, I was a bit pressured during that time but I’m happy because it paves me the way to acquire such skills. However, Photoshop editing is quite tedious because you really have to start from scratch. There are also lots of areas that you need to take into consideration when designing- from the background element down to the minute details. Good thing I stumbled upon CANVA, an online editing app that really works greatly! I got the idea during one of the webinars sponsored by our Division Office. Honestly, I still have a lot to learn about this but I really started loving it and I’m sure that even those who got no skills in photoshop will have the same feeling about Canva. It is so easy to learn.

This is among the designs I’ve created with CANVA:
Birthday Card

You can also create cover pages design, Facebook cover pages, certificates, and a whole lot more! It comes with elegant pre-designed templates. 

Interested? Download the app now!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Why Sante Barley?

Our Sante Barley Pure juice is considered as a SUPERFOOD! Why? With all the benefits that one could get from drinking this juice, which was proven to be really effective. I can testify it through my son who was diagnosed with kidney inflammation last year.

my son on his daily routine
Drinking at least one glass of Sante Barley Pure juice is equivalent to your daily health preventive maintenance. 

Each glass of Sante Barley Pure juice gave you the following benefits:

Will you able to consume 5 plates of salad, 11 glasses of cow's milk, and 7 oranges in one setting? Of course, that's too impossible! BUT, you can have it all with just one glass of Sante Barley Pure Juice! 

So, need to say more? Try Sante Barley Pure now! You may visit my Facebook Page for more details.


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Stop Domestic Violence!

I have read an article about domestic violence which put an end to  the life of the wife and her two toddlers. 

 A man killed his pregnant wife and two toddler daughters. What hurts... is that everything I've read... no one "knew". Her social media boasts pictures of a happy family - their friends and family "had no idea" there were problems. He is a "great guy... a great Husband and Father" - how could he have done this!? 

 Indeed, such news was so disheartening. For me, it's not enough reason to suffer any forms of abuse and domestic violence just to keep your family "intact" because not he first place, a dysfunctional family can never be considered intact. Every wife must take her stand firmly against domestic violence. It has to be stopped! As for the article that I've read, this is my reminders to all wives out there:

image not mine...


 To all WIVES out there, please read. 

Never ever allow these things to happen to you! Even name-calling by your husband or live-in partner should never be tolerated. Always fight for your right, demand respect from your husband coz you're not his slave nor his toy! Gone are the days when women just kept mum amidst severe physical and emotional pain in order to preserve her family, No, please don't do that. You deserve better! You can't stand on your own? You are too dependent on him in rearing your children? Be empowered, know your rights, he cannot just simply run away from his obligations not unless he's broke or incapable, nevertheless, he's still liable. Besides, if he's incapacitated, why stay and suffer with him? C'mon do something! To sum it up, never ever jeopardize your safety or your future to the man who is not man enough to treat you right! The article below is quite alarming, hopefully, to those who could relate to this- please make your stand- martyrdom is no longer an option! Remember, if you choose him by mistake- correct it coz you deserve to be loved, you deserve someone best! 

Domestic violence and any form of abuse against women have to be stopped!


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Signs Your Loved One Needs Extra Care at Home

Watching a parent or loved one get older is not an easy thing. You may miss the days or him or her being able to do whatever he or she wanted without difficulty. It can be hard to watch a parent struggle through a decline in health, and you may worry about not being able to care for him or her at all times. IF you notice any of these three things in your aging relative, you might want to consider elderly home care Massachusetts


At first, your mom may be simply forgetting appointments. You may notice that she forgets to eat at regular meal times. While certain things are ok to forget, this trait can be dangerous for a person who lives alone. Forgetting to turn off the oven or blow out a candle could be very dangerous for an elderly person. 

Repeated Falling

A decline in the ability to maintain balance can cause your mom or dad to fall, and if these are happening more frequently, you may need some extra assistance in the home. A home care professional can help your parent get around in the house safely and efficiently. 

Limited Mobility

When a person is bound to a walker, cane or wheelchair, he or she may need extra assistance in doing some basic tasks like bathing, using the restroom or cooking meals. It can give you peace of mind to know that someone is able to help your parent get what he or she needs around the house. 

While it is not always possible to be with your parents 24 hours a day, you can do your part to keep him or her safe. Consider how elderly care at home might benefit his or her situation. The process of caring for an aging relative is less burdensome when you have someone to depend on.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Struggling to Find Online Business? Check this out!

As a blogger, there's one thing that you really wanna do in order to generate traffic, post, post and post. Oh yes, you don't have to post for the sake of compliance, you need to come up with a quality output. I've been blogging for more than a decade already, however, my presence online is hampered with paperworks on top of another paperworks. 
So, blogging to me has become occasional, as much as I want to post an entry everyday but my hands are full, yes really really full. I was only compelled to post when I have paid post task. Right now, I tried inserting my time doing DATA ENTRY JOBS. I am just actually curious about it. Hopefully, I could realize it.

How about you, do you have anything to share?

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