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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Stop Domestic Violence!

I have read an article about domestic violence which put an end to  the life of the wife and her two toddlers. 

 A man killed his pregnant wife and two toddler daughters. What hurts... is that everything I've read... no one "knew". Her social media boasts pictures of a happy family - their friends and family "had no idea" there were problems. He is a "great guy... a great Husband and Father" - how could he have done this!? 

 Indeed, such news was so disheartening. For me, it's not enough reason to suffer any forms of abuse and domestic violence just to keep your family "intact" because not he first place, a dysfunctional family can never be considered intact. Every wife must take her stand firmly against domestic violence. It has to be stopped! As for the article that I've read, this is my reminders to all wives out there:

image not mine...


 To all WIVES out there, please read. 

Never ever allow these things to happen to you! Even name-calling by your husband or live-in partner should never be tolerated. Always fight for your right, demand respect from your husband coz you're not his slave nor his toy! Gone are the days when women just kept mum amidst severe physical and emotional pain in order to preserve her family, No, please don't do that. You deserve better! You can't stand on your own? You are too dependent on him in rearing your children? Be empowered, know your rights, he cannot just simply run away from his obligations not unless he's broke or incapable, nevertheless, he's still liable. Besides, if he's incapacitated, why stay and suffer with him? C'mon do something! To sum it up, never ever jeopardize your safety or your future to the man who is not man enough to treat you right! The article below is quite alarming, hopefully, to those who could relate to this- please make your stand- martyrdom is no longer an option! Remember, if you choose him by mistake- correct it coz you deserve to be loved, you deserve someone best! 

Domestic violence and any form of abuse against women have to be stopped!


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