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Friday, August 5, 2011

Protecting the Environment Through ECOTRADE

ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace

With the sudden climate change that tropical countries like the Philippines have experienced right now, especially in the typhoon prone area, it is high time already to adopt trading that promotes environmental technologies like what ECOTRADE are trying to offer.

ECOTRADE is a Premier Environmental online marketplace for environmental product and environmental technologies that was founded by Korea Environmental Technology & Industry Institute (KEITI). Their advocacy mainly focus on securing the global leadership of the environment industry and climate change through promoting the development and supply of green technology and green product which are the core of green growth. They promoted environmental projects such as  Eco-Technopia 21 Project, the Soil Pollution Diffusion Prevention Project, the Environmental Business Export Assistance, Environmental Expert Nurturing Project, the New Excellent Technology Certification & Verification, and Korea National Environmental Information Center. 

We just cannot simply ignore what's happening to our environment right now. Those natural and man-made calamities are very alarming and neglecting such occurrences would mean farther damage in the end. We need to abreast of the latest development brought to us by ECOTRADE. You can visit their site at for better enlightenment. Considering that the founder was in Korea, it is quite advantageous here in the Philippines since we all belong to Asia and adaptation of their technologies and products will never be that difficult.  

You can also visit their facebook page and like them at as well as their  YouTube channel at

Be a wise consumer. Advocate only those products that will protect our environment just like what ECOTRADE can offer.

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