Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WFW: Praying and Trusting God's Faithfulness

Look around us... somebody might have the need to be prayed for...

if they got some problem... remind them how faithful our God is...

Hoping for a Better Nation...

Amidst controversies, Philippine remains still. I thank God for that. As we face a new administration in our one and only country, let us all be reunited and aim for a common goals: to move on forward and make the best of everything by God's help and assurance.

God bless Philippines!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TCP: The Bourne Supremacy

Wow I am so excited of this week's TCP! I love Matt Damon's acting prowess. And for today's episode, I go for the Bourne Supremacy (the sequel to Bourne Identity) The effects were really great! If you have seen it already and barely remember the story, here is the synopsis:

The Bourne Supremacy (Widescreen Edition)Two years after the events in The Bourne Identity, Bourne and his girlfriend, Marie Kreutz, are living in Goa, India. Bourne is beginning to recover some of his memories, and he is troubled by disjointed flashbacks of an assassination he carried out in a Berlin hotel. Meanwhile, in Berlin, a CIA officer under Deputy Director Pamela Landy is trading $3 million for the "Neski Files", documents about the theft of $20 million from the CIA seven years earlier. During the exchange, a Russian assassin named Kirill arrives to intercept the selling. He plants two bombs in the basement electrical circuit: one on the main and the other on a subline with Jason Bourne's fingerprint. The bomb on the main line kills the power while Kirill kills the agent and the source, and steals the files and money, which he gives to Russian oil magnate Yuri Gretkov. Kirill then travels to Goa to kill Bourne, but Bourne flees with Marie. As Bourne and Marie are driving away, Kirill fires a sniper rifle at the car that kills Marie, and the car veers off the bridge they are on into a river. Kirill leaves, believing that he killed Bourne. Bourne manages to swim away undetected, leaving Marie dead in the river (after unsuccessful mouth-to-mouth resuscitation). He then burns all of Marie's passports and pictures except for one picture showing both of them in an embrace. He also clears the house they lived in, taking all of the notes that Bourne used to dictate his dreams. Bourne travels to Italy to learn why he is again being targeted... click here for more
Craving for more? Here's the trailer:

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Signature

I am so busy changing my signature here... from eikcaj to jackie and another jackie with a slope... i ♥ it though... this time it;s transparent


Friday Photo Flashback: Graduation Pic

Can't believe a friend and sophomore classmate in high school of  mine uploaded this picture on her facebook account. I almost forgot this... I gave it to her almost 10 years ago... back when I am still young ^_^. The only copy that was left was on my yearbook... Anyway, the only things that remain unchanged right now was my... height? 
Before earning my degree in Education, I earned Certificate in Architectural Drafting Technology (one of the 3-year programs of MUST formerly MPSC) on the year 2001. I have this picture edited using ORBIT of Photobucket.
Another keepsake to cherish....
Have a happy weekend everyone!

Friday Photo Flashback

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shoot Me #2: Thanksgiving Pose

Forever In Blue Jeans

This was taken almost a year ago during our Church's Thanksgiving...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WFW: GOD'S GREATNESS.... is the largest myspace resource on the net!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Responsibilities according to the Word Web is defined as "The social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force"... ouch! while searching for its definition, I can feel the burden. I am not saying that I am against with that word. It just so happen that when I was challenged with my responsibilities, I felt helpless. Why? because I do not have the means to carry that responsibilities. And what exactly I mean when I say "means"? Well. I don't feel like elaborating it here. I just want to express my feeling right now in a subtle way. Again and again, it made my day awful by just merely thinking about it. 
Well, I know for a fact that I am not the only one who went through his kind of dilemma... but hey, it's quite too heavy for me to bear... And the sad fact was that, the people whom you have expected to , shall I say, be with you in this kind of ordeal, they are equally helpless to help you. They do not have the "means" as well. 
Buh! where is my God? maybe He could help... not unless, He deliberately allow me to feel this way... therefore,  He just let me have this feeling until I  totally gave up everything and surrender it back to Him... (Easier said than done) We already have that intimate conversation the other night, I slept at 2am. I talked to Him, however, I wasn't able get the chance of listening to His responses... my hands is so full... my mind is so preoccupied and my heart is restless. And now, alone and so lonely... I can hear the rain drops... and I can feel the warmth of my tear drops. 
Lord, make me whole... 

TCP: Resident Evil

Resident Evil - The High-Definition Trilogy (Resident Evil/ Resident Evil: Apocalypse/ Resident Evil: Extinction) [Blu-ray]Milla Jovovich is such a caliber actress.. If you happened to watch the Resident Evil Saga, you will really appreciate her acting prowess. Don't fail to review this movie and watch her move! Have an action-packed Tuesday!

Something terrible is lurking in the Hive, a vast underground genetic research facility run by the Umbrella Corporation, a faceless bio-engineering conglomerate. A deadly viral outbreak occurs, and in response, the Red Queen - a vast supercomputer that controls and monitors the Hive - seals the entire facility to contain the leak, killing all the trapped employees.
Alice (Milla Jovovich) and Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) must lead fellow commandos to isolate the virus that has wiped out Umbrella’s entire research staff. The team soon discovers, however, that the workers are…not…really…dead. They are now the ravenous, zombie-like Undead, and they are prowling the hive. One Resident Evil Moviebite or scratch from an Undead causes infection and worse, instant transformation into their kind.
Alice and the military task force have three hours to complete their mission before the Undead threaten to overrun the Earth. To access the Red Queen, the team must pass through a series of increasingly horrifying obstacles in the maze-like hive. These include deadly lasers, mutant dogs and a vast specimen room where Alice witnesses the results of Umbrella’s evil experimental research. Alice soon discovers the Undead are the ghastly result of Umbrella’s latest project gone awry -- the T-virus.
Resident Evil MovieInitially designed to combat ageing and fight nerve-based diseases, the T-virus has the ability to reanimate dead cells. Alice realises that an unknown saboteur has stolen the virus and freed it into the hive’s atmosphere. That’s how the outbreak occurred. Who would do such a thing, and why?
Confronting the giant computer, Rain demands that she guide them to the surface. The Red Queen agrees, but insists that no one who is infected will be allowed to escape. Unless of course, they can find the Anti-Virus first. Standing in their way is a genetically mutated experiment that is now a vicious creature known as "the Licker," bent on destroying them all. The Licker’s strength increases with each victim it slays–making the team’s job even more deadly.
Will the team defeat the Red Queen and find the anti-virus in time? Or are they doomed to turn Undead? Who, if anyone, will escape the evil Hive alive?

  Happy viewing everyone!

Monday, June 21, 2010

MYM: Pajama Party!

I am back to Mellow Yellow Monday!
Oh I just miss this picture... I attended the Pajama Party but went home ahead for a very important appointment (wedding of my Manang Maris...). this Pajama Party was organized by our former President, Ms. Lea Vanessa Galisa (2nd from the left). She just left for Manila and I begun to miss her.. (I used to call her apo, and she called me "granny"). This was a night to remember, a memory to cherish... There's Halley (standing behind) she's now in Singapore... This is the good thing about taking pictures to every event of our lives... Memories will forever be cherished and remembered...
Happy Monday everyone!

Need More Info About Lasik Surgery?

If you are considering Lasik surgery and other similar procedure for your eye problem, visit They are widely known for their reliability when it comes to health information that has something to do with our vision as featured in various prominent media resources. Michelle Andrews posted about this at USNews with her article entitles "A Lighter, Defer Touch". For those who are not yet familiar,   USAEyes is a non-profit Lasik patient advocacy organization. If you have some inquiries, have it posted on their interactive internet bulletin board.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tips on How To Monetize Your Blog...

No, I won't be presenting a step-by-step method here on how to do so, instead, I will refer you to the experts. They are among my Co- BC Bloggers...

Check their blog and follow them:

Pinay Mommy Online

But oops... there are still many out there whom you can really count on especially for those who are novice in blogging...
Check my other Co-BC Bloggers

Friday, June 18, 2010

Looking Around....

Lakers won, Celtic lost... but it really doesn't matter to me... Ever since Michael Jordan stopped playing, I lost interest in watching NBA games. Well, congratulations to Kobe and his team anyway.
But that is not the main topic of my post today.

My attention was caught with the latest (most recent) happenings in the news about the police advocacy against crimes. With their effort to protect the people especially the children from the street criminals, the Manila police issued free whistles to the students... Well, nice one, we just hope, those who were given the whistles are responsible enough to use it.

On the other hand, have you seen the Amazing WEBBY AWARD SPEECH? So fun, and perfect! The awardees are only allowed to have a five-word acceptance speech.. IT IS INDEED SO COOL ☺

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Einuj♥

Wee. it's my Huggy's 29th birthday... a manifestation of God's faithfulness in his life...

He is now busy preparing, not for a party but a sermon that he is going to preach for our Lighthouse at Iponan...

Go go go my einuj! May God continually bless you and gives you the desire of your ♥ :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holiday Break?

How does it feel staying at home for three straight days without work? For me? it's stress-free time! Away from work... away from busy schedules... and away from the computer (not totally though). When I am at work, my time was consumed in front of the computer doing my work and other side trippings (fb, blogging etc.)
But when I am home, I don't really consumed much of my time in front of my CRAWLING PC (am still seeking for an expert's help)... Two days holiday is good enough to stay home and spend time with the family... and more time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzleeping! ♥

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mixed... Mismatch Emotion

This week, I'm too busy or should I say, disorganized? t'was such a very long week though ironically, time runs so fast that I didn't notice, it's FRIDAY already and still haven't completed all the tasks that need to be done! 
Monday- busy with paper works...
Tuesday- busy preparing bid docs...
Wednesday- doing an errand for a friend...
Thursday- still busy but manages to pose with Gail (see her smile?)
Friday- trying to complete all the paper works but opted to write an entry here... Trying to ease boredom... I am so exhausted but I am not really complaining... This is just an indication that my body is at work... not idle after all. An indication that God is there, giving me life, allowing me to feel anything, and gives me His infinite wisdom... I am thankful by the way of all His faithfulness in my life... I knew I went through some "spiritual  dryness" lately and I can feel His intervention through His people... The enemy is trying to pull me down but unable to make it (he is NOTHING compared to my BIG DADDY-)
Evident to my mixed emotion was my not-so-updated-blog... Good thing Kayce was there to catch my attention, thank you girl for checking my blog, I am really looking forward meeting you soon and learn helpful tips from you :)... And perhaps, aside from all those feelings I tried to overcome, there's this bad news that I received from SS regarding my two sponsored post which they claim was violating the rule.. (I wonder what and how did it happen). Just imagine the effort I have exerted just to complete the task... But anyway, that's it. The least thing that I did was to delete the said posts so I won't be reminded about it anymore... I need to make a paradigm shift from all those things that caused me a mixed, mismatch emotion... Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me. It's my first day of class... Please pray for me. May I get along well with my students... 
Good day everyone!
No matter what, the Lord our God will never ever forsake us!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stahl Eye Center: Lasik Surgery Expert

If you need Lasik surgery, don't just entrust the operation to untrustworthy eye centers, go for Stahl Eye Center. One of their specialties is Ophthalmology. You can be assured that their doctors are certified by USAEyes and a graduate from top universities. Their doctors performed on-site surgery. With their expertise, integrity and reliability, they have an average of 45 patients per day. They have three locations in New York which include Manhattan and Long Island. Don't settle for less, always go for the best.  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WFW: Philippians 4:13

The start of the classes means the start of meeting new faces... Once again, First Semester of the School Year 2010-2011 is here... This time I am not handling CAD and Manual Drawing subjects, I was given a unit with the TLE 4th Year students... I knew, by the grace of God, I can make it :)

Anyway, I am a little bit excited for my Saturday classes because I will be dealing with the future Educators like me!

Wazz up, eikcaj?

Time is quite tight for me this past few days that I wasn't able to write my daily post here... Anyway, I am just amazed of the number of post I have written last month, it's quite a number :)
So busy but coping up...

Friday, June 4, 2010

This One Is For Real....

Hello fellow bloggers... Please check this out.. Raven just give me the correct code.. Please grab it...

God Brought Me Here for a Reason

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Got New Badge Courtesy of my student!

I would like to thank my dear stude, Raven for taking time to create this badge.. I really long for this...
Up for a Link Exchange? Would love to exchange links and/or badges with you! Let me know so I can link you up too!

God Brought Me Here for a Reason

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