Friday, June 11, 2010

Mixed... Mismatch Emotion

This week, I'm too busy or should I say, disorganized? t'was such a very long week though ironically, time runs so fast that I didn't notice, it's FRIDAY already and still haven't completed all the tasks that need to be done! 
Monday- busy with paper works...
Tuesday- busy preparing bid docs...
Wednesday- doing an errand for a friend...
Thursday- still busy but manages to pose with Gail (see her smile?)
Friday- trying to complete all the paper works but opted to write an entry here... Trying to ease boredom... I am so exhausted but I am not really complaining... This is just an indication that my body is at work... not idle after all. An indication that God is there, giving me life, allowing me to feel anything, and gives me His infinite wisdom... I am thankful by the way of all His faithfulness in my life... I knew I went through some "spiritual  dryness" lately and I can feel His intervention through His people... The enemy is trying to pull me down but unable to make it (he is NOTHING compared to my BIG DADDY-)
Evident to my mixed emotion was my not-so-updated-blog... Good thing Kayce was there to catch my attention, thank you girl for checking my blog, I am really looking forward meeting you soon and learn helpful tips from you :)... And perhaps, aside from all those feelings I tried to overcome, there's this bad news that I received from SS regarding my two sponsored post which they claim was violating the rule.. (I wonder what and how did it happen). Just imagine the effort I have exerted just to complete the task... But anyway, that's it. The least thing that I did was to delete the said posts so I won't be reminded about it anymore... I need to make a paradigm shift from all those things that caused me a mixed, mismatch emotion... Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me. It's my first day of class... Please pray for me. May I get along well with my students... 
Good day everyone!
No matter what, the Lord our God will never ever forsake us!

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Karen Chayne said...

hi sis! yes tama ka dyan... ok lang yan i know God is always there for us and He never leave us.Thanks for special mentioning me here pala... hehehe! take care palagi... God bless you more.

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