Monday, June 21, 2010

MYM: Pajama Party!

I am back to Mellow Yellow Monday!
Oh I just miss this picture... I attended the Pajama Party but went home ahead for a very important appointment (wedding of my Manang Maris...). this Pajama Party was organized by our former President, Ms. Lea Vanessa Galisa (2nd from the left). She just left for Manila and I begun to miss her.. (I used to call her apo, and she called me "granny"). This was a night to remember, a memory to cherish... There's Halley (standing behind) she's now in Singapore... This is the good thing about taking pictures to every event of our lives... Memories will forever be cherished and remembered...
Happy Monday everyone!

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cuej said...

wahhhh.. T.T true..i miss her too..

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