Saturday, April 26, 2014

How Organized Are You?

Rev-A-Shelf, 4WLS882-35-570, 35 Inch Wood Classics Half Moon

Nothing beats a home that is totally organized. This is one thing that I want to do when I will have my own house soon (by God's will). It is comforting to live in a house that is clutter free. For a Mom like me with two adorable and very active kids, I need to have cabinet organizers where I can securely place things that is easier for me to remember whenever I need them. For a busy Mom like me, it is really a must. I found few designs online and I really love to have them just like the half moon shelf above. 

How about you? What are the things that you want to have to keep your things at home in order?

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Are You Being Imprisoned With Worldly Desires?

Galatians 5:13 (101 kb)

God created us with freedom to choose and think. However, our freedom are sometimes went through its limits. We might not notice it but we might be one of them. We thought we are totally free but in truth we're not. It could be that we are imprisoned with selfishness and worldly desires thus causing us some guilt in our lives.

So, try to ask yourself, are you totally free?

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Are You a Dog Lover?

If you are a dog lover and currently have one or two at home, you ought to read this.

Dogs are man's best friend. Before, I am not totally convinced it until I have known one dog whose loyalty to his owner is immeasurable. One day, the dog undergo treatment of fleas so he was not allowed to enter his owner's home. His owner talk to him instructing him not to set his foot inside the house because of his condition. The dog was quarantined for a week. Then here comes Holy Week. The owner told the dog that he will be away for three days. As if the dog understood what he was trying to say, the dog left with a sad face. 

When three days was over, the owner was so excited to go home. While preparing his things to go, he received a call from a concerned neighbor informing him that his dog was dead. His world was seems to crashed with the news. He believed that the dog went through some depression because of isolation and perhaps also because of his health condition.

Now, that is not a make-believe story, it is definitely true. Have the owner find ways to treat his dog from fleas infestation without necessarily isolating him, the dog could have been still alive until now. 

There are available flea and tick control for dogs that is very effective and safe even if the dog will stay inside the house. You can find them online through browsing sogeval products at Like human, dog deserves protection and equal pampering from owners. 

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Two is Better than One

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (38 kb)

How pleasant it is to be blessed with real friends. Those friends who can hear you, listen to you, talk to you, remind you, rebuke you and most of all who could pray with you. Our faith in God and our way of worshiping Him through our talents can be best manifested when you are with your friends who have the same views with you. I do not know with others but for me, I am more blessed when I can share my faith with one another. It is true that we should allocate a time alone for God (our quiet time) but when we want to study His Words, it is best done with friends. What do you think?

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Ring for my Mom on Mothers' Day

Barely a month from now, the whole world is going to celebrate Mothers' Day. For me, we ought to thank our Mom everyday for everything that they have done for us. Even those mothers who neglect doing their responsibilities as a Mom, they still deserve a word of thanks for bringing us into this world even if they were not happy about it. I am a firm believer that God brought us all here on this Earth for a reason, regardless of how and by whom.

As for me, there are lots of things that I would like to thank to my Mom about. She is my friend, actually my best friend. Mom and I went through a lot. Many people said that we really look alike and I could not deny on that. But Mom taught me a lot of lessons in life. In spite of my stubbornness, she never let go of me. If I am only rich enough, I want to give my Mom all her needs and wants just to show her how grateful I am to have her. I want to give her precious diamonds but I just cannot afford it so maybe I could just give her a not-so-expensive ring but elegant enough to look at  that I found on mothers rings online. My Mom loves diamond accessories, for sure she will love it.

Can you help me choose which one is nicer?

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How to enjoy everyday life?

For sure you cannot hear a positive response if you ask such questions to people who went through a lot. People who experienced financial crisis, terminal diseases, emotional turmoil and a whole lot more.
But, is it really possible to enjoy our everyday life? The answer is YES. Personally, I do not live a perfect life. I have my share of frustrations, depressions and even stubbornness. I frequently complain about the harshness of life. Generally speaking, I do not live an enjoyable everyday life.
But guess what, I found myself dumbstruck when I read about the word ‘CONTENTMENT’. Honestly, such word is easier said/read than done. But that’s the exact reality of life. If we have CONTENTMENT, we’ll be able to live an enjoyable everyday life. I have known about it before, somebody told me about it but I choose not to believe it yet.
How to have real CONTENTMENT in life?
  • Trusting God for anything and everything that we do.
  • Keeping that faith that with God, everything is possible.
  • Believing in your self that God enabled you to do all those things.

So now, is it possible to live an enjoyable everyday life?

I can hear you saying YES

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Get Cellular Security Camera Now

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities that could be done this summer. I could still remember those fun camping experience way back in my elementary years when we have our Girl Scout jamboree. However, during those time, we are not allowed to roam beyond the designated perimeter otherwise we might get lost because we are situated in a mountainous area. Such restriction won’t allow us to go on an adventure. Nevertheless, I understood that they did it for safety reason. But right now, camping can be both fun and adventurous with the camping gears that we can bring like the Cellular Security Camera. This device can take and send pictures in 60 seconds to our phone, or emails via cellular signal and it has incredible detection zone. This device is not only good for camping purposes; this can also be used at home or even any business establishment as surveillance camera. Now, isn’t it amazing?

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Look Who’s Talking?!

I am disheartened with the news update about the on-going pork barrel scam issue. The alleged “Pork Barrel Queen”, Janet Napoles revealed on her sworn statement the other 12 Senators who were allegedly involved of the said scam. What’s so disheartening about the news was the fact that those senators were the one who grilled her forcing her to reveal everything during the senate hearing last time. Now, look who’s talking? This revelation will surely cause chaos among us, Filipinos. Whom to trust now? If there’s an alleged “Pork Barrel Queen”, there is also a “Pork Barrel King” and allegedly it refers to the Budget Secretary. Oh my! May God bless Philippines for this. What kind of future will my children behold when they get older?

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Tip for a Safe and Fun-filled Summer

Nikon Coolpix S6000 Digital Camera Travel Battery Charger
Original nikon coolpix s6000 charger
If you are planning to travel somewhere else this summer for a summer getaway or any other special occasion, do not forget to bring with you your gadgets like your camera to capture all those wonderful events that you've been through. Also, do not forget to bring your gadget accessories like the nikon coolpix s6000 charger if you are using Nikon digital camera.

Piece of advice: DO NOT USE CLASS A CHARGERS FOR YOUR GADGETS. It has been reported that using Class A instead of original chargers could affect your gadget’s life. It may also cause some accidents and may damage your gadgets like phones, cameras, tablets and etc. You can find original chargers being sold online. Just look for it.

Be safe everyone and have a happy summer!

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On Blogging Hiatus

There is really one point in our lives wherein we tend to stop doing those things that we love to do. Writing has been my passion but yet for no definite reason, I stop writing. My blogs are no longer updated. There are also minimal writing opportunities making the matter worst. I just cannot explain it but it seems like my mind went blank always. My passion seems to cool down. I do not know what could motivate me more. Well, maybe because I lost my internet connection and I am also quite busy with motherhood thing. However, I knew in my heart that this feeling is just temporary. I will be encouraged soon to write more and this blogging hiatus will soon end. I just need an inspiration though.

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Add Moldings to Your Wall with Foam Crown Molding

MoldingsBestDoing a home renovation right now entails a huge amount of cash. As for me, I really want to have a total home makeover but I just do not have the said amount. I wonder if there is financing institution available that could help me with all my plans at lower interest rate. I want a simple yet elegant design. I doubt if I could achieve that for less amount. I want to put moldings on the ceiling corners just like the design I saw being featured in an Architectural magazine. I read about foam crown molding from and how it could help in adding beauty to the home interior. It is designed for people who loves “do-it-yourself” thing.  It is easy to install and you can paint your design by either using brush or spray paint. It also comes in various sizes. Hmm maybe I could make use of it to somehow give beauty to my interior.

Painting method:

Foam Crown molding is affordable thus I do not need an assistance from any financing institution anymore. Well, not unless I want to pursue that total home makeover.

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We’re going to Bohol

It has been seven years already since my last visit in Bohol. That was when my grandfather died. Barely a month ago, my Mom went to Bohol with my uncle and aunt to visit my grandma who was admitted to the hospital. While they were there, my grandma mentioned that she wants all her grandchildren to visit her this May. My Mom, being the closest to my grandma told us then to heed my grandma’s request. That is why we are going there by middle of May. However, I just hope that that will not be the last that all of us will have a get-together with my grandma. I am praying for her good health and more years to come in her life. I am kind of excited for it. I still have my class during that time but I will hold classes during Saturdays so I could make up the whole week that I will be absent.

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A Tuxedo for My Little Boy

Boys Tuxedo BLACK Ring Bearer Infant Toddler Children Teen TuxedosI am so thankful to God for my babies especially to my eldest, ‘Kuya’ Gregory, who seems to grow so fast. He is indeed so tall for his age. If I were to compare him with other babies at his age, he’s taller. The pair of jeans and long sleeves that was supposed to fit a 4-year old boy already fitted him well! What I want to see now is his look if he gets to wear tuxedo! I know he can only wear that if his Aunt (my younger Sis) will come home for a wedding. I browsed the internet to check for designs and I am so satisfied with what I found at tuxedosonline because of their elegant designs for boys tuxedos.  You can already avail one or as low as 25USD. Check it out!

My little boy @ 8 months

I can only imagine my little boy walking down the aisle as ring bearer wearing an elegant tux!

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Here Comes Summer and I Have Work!

It’s Summer time and I am so thankful to God that I was given another opportunity to share my knowledge in AutoCADD with BSU students. Just like last year I handled BS Electronic students. So far they’re doing well in my class. I have less stress with this batch because of their ability to grasp the lessons well. They are not difficult to teach with and I just love them all. Hopefully in our remaining hours, I will be able to impart to them the necessary skills that they need and hopefully I could make a difference on their lives as well.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ipe Wood: The Best Decking Material?

Ipe decking

Unlike some of the other home additions, an outdoor deck actually increases the value of the property. Not only does an outdoor deck expand the available living space of a home, but it also provides a very useable storage area. While a deck can be constructed using a variety of different materials, Ipe wood has been proven to be one of the best. Here are some of the amazing benefits of Ipe wood. 

Resistance to insects
Ants, bees, and termites can wreck havoc on a deck. The hardiness of Ipe wood makes it resistant to a variety of pests. 

Ipe wood is designed to last for many years to come. As a testament to its long-term durability, some companies provide a 25-year warranty on all installations of Ipe wood. Even in extreme environments, Premium Ipe Decking is able to withstand the harsh elements of nature. 

Although it is always a good idea to keep an outdoor deck clean, Ipe wood requires a minimum amount of maintenance. 

Does not absorb heat
Unlike the typical deck materials, ipe wood does not absorb heat. The coolness of Ipe wood is especially beneficial when the summer weather begins to take its toll. 

Does not warp
Even after 20 years of use, Ipe wood is still able to retain its original shape. 

Ipe wood is derived from sustainable forests. This means that the harvesting of Ipe wood will not have a disastrous impact on the environment. 

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Successful Family Camp 2014

Hubby and I decided not to join the family camp for financial reason but God just doesn't want us to miss this great opportunity so He caused other people to help us.
We were with the Advance Party on the 16th to set the venue. Hubby, as usual, took care with the sound system. It was indeed a very fantastic experience. It was my Baby girl’s first travel so far. The weather is okay and really cold especially during early morning. It was also fun staying in a tent. My hubby’s team championed the basketball game and my baby girl was recognized as the youngest participant. The 3-days event was a huge success. Glory to God!

Looking forward to Summer Camp 2015!

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Motorcycles: Experience the Adrenaline Rush

Much to your mother's dismay, you have always been an adrenaline junky. You were jumping your Big Wheel off the curb at age two, racing down stair rails on your skateboard at age ten, racing your muscle car at age 17, and now, you have just about given your mother the worst heart attack of all time. You have decided to purchase a motorcycle. Your mother has reminded you multiple times of the numerous visits to the emergency room for stitches, casts, and x-rays. You understand the risks involved with a motorcycle, and to save your mother from a visit of her own to the emergency room for tranquilizers, you have promised her that you will wear a helmet. Oh, and you have done careful research through Frontline Eurosports and other such high-quality motorcycle enthusiasts.

Up To $1500 off select BMW Motorcycles

Types of Motorcycles

There are so many types of motorcycles to choose from, and just like the automobile industry, everyone you talk to has their favorite. You seem to have grown attached to the BMW models. Some of the models you are leaning towards include the following:
  • Sport Models: These models are built to race, and boy do you like to race. Two of the sport models are BMW S 1000 RR and BMW HP4.
  • Roadster Models: These models look a little more like 'traditional' road-running motorcycles. You like the traditional look of this type of motorcycle. Two of the roadster models are BMW R 1200 R and BMW S 1000 R.


Once you finally decide on the specific model that you would like to invest in, you can then move on to purchase the all-important accessories that go along with your new ride. You can find the best selection of accessories at places such as Frontline Eurosports and other such high-quality establishments. Accessories such as your all-important helmet (or brain bucket, as your mother calls it), riding gloves, a nice leather jacket, and other leather accessories, will keep you safe as you experience the adrenaline rush that comes with riding a two-wheeled, engine-powered, beauty. It doesn't hurt that the accessories also make you look good too.

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