Friday, April 25, 2014

A Tuxedo for My Little Boy

Boys Tuxedo BLACK Ring Bearer Infant Toddler Children Teen TuxedosI am so thankful to God for my babies especially to my eldest, ‘Kuya’ Gregory, who seems to grow so fast. He is indeed so tall for his age. If I were to compare him with other babies at his age, he’s taller. The pair of jeans and long sleeves that was supposed to fit a 4-year old boy already fitted him well! What I want to see now is his look if he gets to wear tuxedo! I know he can only wear that if his Aunt (my younger Sis) will come home for a wedding. I browsed the internet to check for designs and I am so satisfied with what I found at tuxedosonline because of their elegant designs for boys tuxedos.  You can already avail one or as low as 25USD. Check it out!

My little boy @ 8 months

I can only imagine my little boy walking down the aisle as ring bearer wearing an elegant tux!

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