Thursday, June 30, 2011

Imparting Knowledge

I shared among my Senior Education students how to maximize their time on the internet. One important thing that I taught on them is the Importance of Blogging and how they could earn an extra income from it... Their interest will surely hooked them until they will be able to share the same experiences with me... Keep it up guys, you can make it in due time!

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Wanna Have Remote Controlled Cars?

Nowadays, remote controlled RC cars are still "in" in the market. These kinds of toys are not only appealing to the younger generations but to the adult as well especially those who invested part of their resources just to complete their collections.Remote controlled RC cars are still exciting to use and will surely complete the bonding moments of every father and son. To have more varied choices of such kinds, log on to, the online e-commerce shop that specialise in everything that is remote controlled.

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Thanks Mr. Google!

Last year, I was really disheartened upon learning that my Page Rank went down from 2 to 0! But now, it was restored! and I am very very happy! At last I finally got back Mr. Google's approval!
Now, my energy to blog was revived! I am now geared up to a blogging firing moment! 
I really thank God for this!
click the picture to enlarge! ^_^

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Protect Your Eyes

The best way to protect our eyes is by wearing glasses. But of course we should not compromise the way it should look over its quality. Both should goes along with each other. In choosing eye protection, prefer those eye wear with quality glasses frames. There are many prescription glasses available now that we can choose from. If you want to have varied choices, visit they are the leading online eye glasses store. Check it out and avail their $6.95 promo with complete features!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It Shall Come To Pass...

Yes indeed, it shall come to pass... All our sufferings, all our emptiness... For those who are hopeful for Jesus' Second Coming, let us cling unto Him. Let us remain in truth that God will wipe away every tear from our eyes...

Yes, Lord, thank you so much!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Feet Should Got It!

Last night's Grand Final of the Pilipinas Got Talent gave me unsatisfactory or should I say "unfiltered" result. I have nothing against the Grand Winner which is Marcelito Pomoy or better known as the Mars Dual but for me, The Happy Feet's performance are far better than him. As FMG puts it, tap dancing has almost became a forgotten piece of art but the brothers from Lantapan Bukidnon revived it well!
Determining grand winners through voting will never have a satisfactory result...

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MYM: Doodie's Give Aways!

The Debutante and her brother
Last Friday, one of our young church mate, Ms. Johanna Gail Tongco, celebrated her 18th birthday. I truly admired this young lady for her wit and funny personality. Her ever supportive parents threw a birthday party held at De Luxe Hotel (the same venue where our wedding reception was held)... Her ever loving only brother took the hard work in making her one of a kind token!
paper doll representing different countries!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

From California with Love...

Originally painted by Vania Tong
We are so happy to receive such a wonderful, and mind you, very personalized wedding gift from Ms Vania Tong. She is one of the US Missionaries who came here in Cagayan de Oro with other vibrant teens to spread the Word of God. The group really leave a lasting legacy especially for those whom they were able to reach out..

Her gift was really one of a kind. we can really feel the thoughts more than the gift itself. With all the efforts she made in order for her to come up with such a very cute and meaningful painting. My hubby once told her a part of our love story which includes the lonely tree found on the hilltop of one of the place in Cagayan de Oro. Such tree was a thing in the past now because it was destroyed by lightning. The people cut it before the lightning will strike it once again to avoid further damage. We were really disheartened upon hearing the truth. We are supposed to have our pre-nuptial pictorials there but it was already cut when we went there... Though the tree was gone but its memory will remain in us forever...
The Lonely Tree before it was destroyed by Lightning

Me & Huggy under the lonely tree...

The Ultimate Gangsta- Vania (the Painter) and my Hubby (the recipient)

Thank you so much, Ms Vania Tong... your masterpiece will be kept forever! God bless you more each day.

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The Best of Zenni Optical Eyeglasses

One of the most unbearable thing that we may experience is having an eye sore caused by so many factors. Before it get worst, treat your eyes with fashion glasses. These  glasses are good if you don't want to sport that nerdy look. Or if you need some minor treatment, why not try $6.95 prescription glasses? Sounds amazing? Yes, Zenni Optical Eyeglasses got it all for you. They have so much more to offer especially for some special occasions with their Holiday Themed Frames. As for this coming Fourth of July, get that look that you wanted with their wide range of choices just like the sample below. Now, you've got all the reasons to enjoy the fireworks and any other colorful events without worrying your eyes. Try one now and see for yourself how Zenni Optical, the # 1 online eyeglasses store could complete your Independence Day experience!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Best For Your Crowning Glory

I used to have my hair done in a beauty parlor especially during special occasions. Yes it is very expensive but it is the least and perhaps the best thing that I can do in order to look good. Like any typical women, I am very much particular with how my hair should look. It's our crowning glory. However, with the economic crises that confronted us today, spending money for vanity has become a pain on our pockets. My Mom taught me to use ceramic flat irons instead of getting my hair straightened chemically. I took her advice of course because Mom knows best. 
ceramic flat iron

curl iron
blow dryer
The good thing about ceramic flat irons is that you can use it anytime you want it. If you want to look more sophisticated with curls, try also using curling irons, the instant curlers for long hair. It is indeed very practical to use considering that such products are re-usable. Of course, you just don't buy any quality, you have to select the best. However, if your hair isn't that unruly, Blow Dryer will also do the trick. I have read lots of Blow Dryer review and I can testify that it is safer and more convenient to use. If you want them all, then get it. But of course, select the best quality that would give value to your money. If you need some guidance, try the one-stop online beauty center at and true to its name, you will surely love their prices because they offered big discounts and you have lots of items as well as brands to choose from. If you want the best for your crowning glory for a very affordable price, spend and choose wisely!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

To The Man Who Captured My Heart and Trust Next To God...

One year ago, I posted this note on my FB account during the 29th Birthday of my ex-boyfriend (now my ever loving husband) Junie... As I read this note again, I was really so happy on how God really work things out in His perfect time for our relationship to grow and eventually bind us together us ONE...

Let me share again to you the said NOTE:

I am asking myself these questions for so many times... Why do I love him despite all those negative things I heard about him... Why does my heart beats for him? I have been interrogated by my heart and my mind because even them cannot get the right answer. Corny? Hmmm... I really do not care how will you take it but I am just trying to express how I truly felt about him. We do not have that perfect relationship, what we have is pure love and contentment with each other. We are both positive that God brought us together for a reason. Whatever is that reason, I am glad and will always be. I grew up with the belief that men were born to frustrate women (that's the impression that my father left in my heart). I have so many frustrations, I have so many doubts, I have so many questions- but I realized that these are the proofs that my heart really beats for him..Why? because without those feelings, I am completely unmindful of this relationship, but I'm not. I tried to be numb but I just cannot deny it nor I can deceive myself... Corny again? but that is just the truth.
My doubts and confusions put him to the tests- but he survived. I tried to give up for countless times but he remained. I pushed him away but he never let go. I cannot explain how God made me feel this way.Why am I sharing all these feelings? Because it matters...One thing is certain... I love this man and I am very much willing to spend the rest of my life with him if God willing. ♥♥♥

That certain things I have mentioned remains unshaken... in fact, by the will of God- we made it... We both took the vow to spend our lives together for the rest of our lives on April 28, 2011.

And now, as he turned another year of his God-given life, he will be facing another chapter of his life, not only as the loving husband to me but as a doting father to our baby soon...

To you my dear Huggybear, forever and ever will be my love for you. I really thank God for having you... I once said before that you are the most misunderstood man I've ever known, but allow me to take that words back. Because the truth reveals that the man I saw in you before was not the man I thought you were... You completely changed for the better, and I really love that. People may soon be able to see what I saw in you today, I really do pray. What matters most now to me is that I am so happy to have you. All my doubts and confusions were completely vanished. I am so thankful to God on how much you cared and loved me today and I know it will carry on for a lifetime...

To you my Huggy, I am so proud to say that I never regret the day I said I DO. I love you sooooooooooooo much!

I blessed the day you were born... Because on that day, God started to write our love story.
And the reason is LOVE...

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My Dear Hubby...

I love you so much...

I really  thank God for having you... 

Happy happy birthday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Karen Chayne Sanchez!

Well, well, well... what we've got here is the birthday celebration and a Virtual Party of our dear Bisdak Blogger sister, Ms Karen Chayne Sanchez... She is now celebrating her 28 years in life full of surprises and blessings!

Of course, i will be wearing my red cocktail dress for this event...


and I will be bringing my ever favorite SPAGHETTI!


How about you sisters?

Care to join the Virtual Birthday party of our dear Karen Chayne Sanchez?

Com and have fun with us!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Losing the Will

Getting pregnant is indeed not an easy feeling or experience. I am having a pregnancy-related dilemma. Almost everyday I have experienced disturbing morning sickness. I am now picky with the food I eat. I hate the smell of onions and even oily foods. Indeed, the feeling is so distressing. Even my blogging career was affected. i lost the will to write more. All i want to do is to get rest and do nothing. My friends told me that I will be enduring this for the next two months (I am more or less one month pregnant). The first tri-semester is indeed very crucial.. This shall come to pass... 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MYM: Wanna bite?

Great time with Macon... Can't get enough of the sumptuous meal courtesy of Teddy (the one who took this picture)... 

Wanna bite?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat... who's your bet?

I was saddened by the fact that Chicago Bulls lost the NBA Finals in favor of the Miami Heat. And now, Miami Heat took the momentum with the Dallas Mavericks. There are only two NBA Teams that I really learned to love, one is the Chicago Bulls and the other one is the Utah Jazz. But as of now, since my Hubby go for the Dallas Mavericks, I joined with him in cheering for the said team. The Second Game was indeed a very close fight. My Hubby's addition to Basketball game was undeniable. He uploaded the winning shot of Dirk Nowitzki to the FB Fan page that he created.... I just hope Dallas will make it through the last game considering that they have now the court advantage for the succeeding three games!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Picture Perfect # 17: Late Again?


So sorry for being late... I was so sick yesterday... my morning sickness crippled me once again...

Anyway, better late than never.. please join with me on my journey every thursday!

God bless


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