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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Karen Chayne Sanchez!

Well, well, well... what we've got here is the birthday celebration and a Virtual Party of our dear Bisdak Blogger sister, Ms Karen Chayne Sanchez... She is now celebrating her 28 years in life full of surprises and blessings!

Of course, i will be wearing my red cocktail dress for this event...


and I will be bringing my ever favorite SPAGHETTI!


How about you sisters?

Care to join the Virtual Birthday party of our dear Karen Chayne Sanchez?

Com and have fun with us!


  1. Bonga! Na red man gyud ang beauty! I love Filipino Style Spaghetti!! Sweet!!!

  2. Nice one sis!

    I love your spaghetti. :)

  3. Sweet 16 kaayo ka sa imong attire, Jac!

    I love your spaghetti. Yummmm

  4. beautiful lady in red...I love pinoy spaghetti wa gyud katunga ang american spaghetti sa lasa.... ug gi mingaw na kaayo ko ana...

  5. Pretty prego in red! Wa gani nakita ang whole body ana! :) Sarap sa spag oi, my fave! :)

    I'm attending, too! I'm with a chaperon and we're bringing a yummy BUKO SALAD. Yum!!!

  6. Wow kinsa man ng Lady in Red? Ikaw diay na wa ko kaila nimo.. :)

    day love your spaghetti..

  7. Woot! pretty lady in red kaayo ni akong sissy oh! Salamat kaayo sa pag attend ug sa pagbandilyo sis ha? hehehe... Salamat pud sa pagdala sa imong lami nga spaghetti kay nagbagu-od na raba tawun ka ug dala ani hehehe!

    Thanks so much sis! I really appreciate it. Mwah!


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