Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Checking The Furnace

The furnace in your home is a vital element for making sure there is heat for your family. If you think that there might be something wrong with the unit, you can contact a company like Cranberry Township furnace services. Someone can come to your home to examine the furnace to see what might be wrong, or you can try to troubleshoot the unit on your own before calling. 

Ask how Greenspeed Technology can save you money on heating!

After you turn up the temperature to make your furnace come on, listen to make sure the unit is working. If you don't hear the unit come on, then you know that there might be an issue. Examine the filter to make sure it's not dirty as this can hinder the proper function of the furnace. Most companies will change the filter when your unit is serviced so that you don't have to remember. If the furnace doesn't come on after about 30 minutes, then try turning the entire unit off and back on after about 10 minutes. Make sure the batteries are working in the thermostat, then reset the unit. Look at the vents to make sure there is proper airflow. The fuses might be bad as well if the furnace still isn't working.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

THINK Before You Speak

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Such a simple word yet quite hard to do especially when we are blown to the top. We rarely THINK of the words we utter when we are in the outburst of our emotion. 

Why do we need to THINK before we speak? The answer is so obvious. If we want to avoid conflict among our peers, relatives and even to our very own self, we need to THINK, THINK, and THINK. 

Let's make it a habit.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

What The World Needs Now...

The world nowadays is bombarded with so much chaos and confusion. The rule of order was somehow smudged with news about terrorism, tragedy, environmental issues and concern as well as human apathy. 

To be honest, the world is no longer a safe haven for all of us but we just have no other choice than to live with it. Our daily existence is full of threats. We just don't really know what may happen. Good thing we have God whom we can ask and run to for real protection. Considering that what happened around us is beyond our control, all we can do is to keep away from any threats we have known as much as possible.

And maybe, if all the people around the world know how to value peace- then, there'll be no such thing as terrorism, human trafficking, and slavery. And maybe yet, if there's one thing that we just need to be careful- it would be the wrath of our Mother Nature.

May God protect all of us from any life-threatening situations.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Choosing a Kitchen Contractor

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, having a knowledgeable, professional contractor on your side can make all the difference in the world. In addition to construction services, many contractors offer additional services such as kitchen design services. Good contractors will also ensure that you are included in all of the decision making throughout the project to ensure that any changes fit in with your overall project goals. There are three basic steps for finding the right kitchen contractor for your kitchen remodeling project. These include: 

Generate a list of contractors 

To get started, begin to make a list of local contractors. You should stick with local contractors that have a physical presence in your area as this will ensure that the contractor you choose has registered their business with the city in which you live. This gives you recourse in the event something goes wrong. 

Ask your friends or family if they have anyone they would recommend. This will ensure that you have one reference that you can trust. Your list should include at least three or four options. 

Request bids

Next, contact each contractor and ask for a bid. The contractors should come out onsite in order to get more information about the job and every bid should be in writing. In addition, request a copy of the contractor’s proof of insurance and proof of valid business license as well as a list of references. 

Choose Your Contractor

Once all of the bids are in, conduct a background check to ensure that each contractor is in good standing in the community. Contact references, the local business licensing authority and the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints and what the final resolution was. Then choose a contractor based on price, availability, and professionalism. 

Choosing the right contractor for your kitchen remodeling project will not only ensure that you get the best possible results, but that the project is completed on time and under budget.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blogging Hiatus?

Thinking about my blog career nowadays, it is quite deteriorating. I am not really into blogging hiatus, I just do not have the luxury of time anymore. When I tried to check the number of posts that I was able to make for the previous years, it is quite a number, way too far from what I have accomplished for this year. 

However, I realized I was not alone after all with this dilemma. In fact, when I checked the blogs of those I followed, they too seems to go through the same thing with me. Nevertheless, I do not want to stop doing this thing. I still want to blog. I am confident that someday, in one way or another, such passion will be reignited and I can be on my way again in expressing all my random thoughts, my opinions and my views in life's perspectives.

Maybe, I just need to collect all my thoughts, exactly the same way that I just did right now.

Where are those memes by the way?

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Rekindling Passion

"I saw you once, I doubt if you knew it but somehow I am quite bothered with what I saw. It has nothing to do with your outfit,because the truth was, I barely noticed what you wore that time. I am greatly bothered with your companion. Yes, I am pretty sure he's with you because he was standing next to you with intimacy. Yes, that's right- you're so close to him that time as if you were whispering something that is why you didn't get to notice me. In fact, I am just few steps from you that time anticipating your attention. But both of you just simply walk away, completely ignoring me"... 

Hmmm... here I go again, with all those scripts on my mind. The frustrated writer and her frustrating stories- that's me. I used to do comic strips and short romantic stories during my high school years. But all those passion suddenly vanished. Maybe because I lost some inspirations, or maybe because, I was too preoccupied during my college years. But I truly find it so amazing watching movies whose story lines are all seems too familiar to me. In fact, I can predict some future scenes on prime time movie shows. Oh, well. Maybe I have to rekindle this passion once more so that someday maybe I will be able to do the best scripts of my life.

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Planting Seed of Hope

I just realized, I've been teaching for a decade already. It is such a great fulfillment to see some of my past students living a kind of life that they truly deserves, in the same manner, I also felt sorry for those who were not able to make it to their dreams.

Until now, I am still doing the business of meddling with their lives. Just like a concerned mother, I never run out of tested and proven pieces of advice. However, not all of them are receptive enough in heeding because they want to live their life according to what can make them happy. Honestly, I also came to a point of giving up on reminding them, nurturing them because for me, it's just another case of vain effort.

But how can I just neglect them when it is very evident that there is a greater need for teachers who can empathize with them. After all, not all of them are playing deaf to all my reprimands, reminders and warnings. As a matter of fact, there are few who will just approach me unexpectedly to thank me for the gesture of concern when they were still with me. It brings me joy somehow. And these are the kind of students who will then be a living example to others. I use their stories for others to learn.

I am a teacher indeed who must continue to plant the seed of hope even if others will just simply ignore it because I am equally hopeful that within the four corners of the classroom, there is at least one soul who will heed my call and become successful someday.

I'll just wait for them to see me, and perhaps, to thank me that once in their lives, there is this school teacher who spend a minute or two of her time reprimanding them, scolding them and punishing them with tons of activities for them to grow and realized that indeed going to school is an investment for their future and no one should declare total bankruptcy. 

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

One Year Is Over- Wazz Up with Yolanda Victims?

One year is over since the horrific Yolanda killed thousand of lives as well as hope of many Filipinos. As far as I could remember, tons of help came from foreign countries in a form of goods and cash. There are also many NGO's who took the effort for relief operations. However, not all victims were given financial assistance. In fact, many of them were not able to regain from total loss. Has the government helped those in dire need, there will be no rallies that could be seen in the commemoration of the tragedy right now.

I could only hope that the government will be serious enough in answering their needs.

#Yolanda Commemoration

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Deep within most of us lies a sincere desire to express our individuality. Individual expression may not be appropriate in certain work or social settings. However, your home is the prefect place to be as individualistic as you desire. Most likely, you've browsed through magazines and seen room designs and furniture that is attractive, but not precisely what you would create for yourself. Sometimes, one piece of furniture can be the statement piece in your home that epitomizes your style. You can learn more about custom furniture pieces at a place such as Adobe Interiors. There's nothing that compares to the pride you feel when you bring a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture into your home. The whole atmosphere of the room becomes more exquisite.

Interior design may not be something you are experienced with. However, when it comes to knowing what you like, no one knows that better than you. When you have the opportunity to work with consultants who can help you design furniture for one room or for your entire house that is as unique as your personality, you can be sure of ending up with a decor that is unlike any other. Those who visit your home will be in awe of the magnificent, individualized creations and designs that you have incorporated into your home. You can enjoy the blissful feeling that comes from knowing that once you enter your home, you are surrounded by items that are a true and accurate reflection of your style.

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Trick or Treat?

Everywhere, and perhaps in the whole wide world, people are celebrating the Halloween with "Trick or Treat". I forgot the exact place where it was originated but it's impact was so huge that most people are adopting it.

Some religious belief abhor such celebration but as for me, it really doesn't matter as long as people are just doing it for fun and not out of rituals.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Elevate the Luxury of a Bedroom Without Breaking the Budget

Interior designers typically emphasize the importance of simplicity when decorating a bedroom. Whether it's a master bedroom or guest room, you want to create a serene, tranquil atmosphere that encourages such a state of relaxation that sleep comes easily. Including too many accessories in the bedroom will make it look cluttered and too visually busy to be relaxing. Because a bedroom requires less accessorizing than some other rooms, you have the chance to focus most of your attention on the bedding. Since the bed is often the focal point of the room, the bed covering you choose can actually function as an artistic part of the room decor.

Bed in a Bag

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that the decor of the guest rooms needs to be updated. This is especially true if you seldom have overnight guests. If you find yourself in a position where guests will be arriving at a time when your schedule doesn't permit leisurely shopping and your budget is a little tight, one of the quickest and most budget-friendly ways to update the guest room decor is to shop now for a bed in a bag set. With this one purchase you have everything you need to create a unified design for the focal point of the room.

The master bedroom is your personal haven. Your bed should a luxurious place to rest at the end of the day. The bed covering you select should feature a design that you feel epitomizes your personality, passion or individual design style.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Can You Defy Anxiety?

No matter how hard we try not to get anxious about life's circumstances, still our inner self just cannot conceal it. Telling ourselves not to worry is easier said than done.

But if we have firmer knowledge about our stand before God, worrying can be just a clause or phrase that won't really get into our way. Everything could be under control knowing that somebody UP THERE takes care of it.

Sometimes, I tend to worry a lot especially if the situation involves my loved ones. I worried too much that I forgot to pray. And when I remember to pray, still my anxiety keeps on overwhelming me.

Worrying is a sign of distrust. Not to anyone else but to our God who is the source of everything. When we trust someone, we should not care to worry. However, sometimes, our prayers become futile because right after we talk to God, our anxiety consumes much of our thoughts. Well, maybe, we should stop worrying by establishing a right attitude in our heart. 

So the next time we worry, let's try to check what causes our anxiety and what makes it too difficult for us to let go of this anxiety. The answer could be in our attitude of accepting the possible outcome. Well, if our worries has something to do with life being at stake, why not entrust it all to our Creator who is the owner of our life? After all, everything in our life happens for a reason.

Let's defy anxiety by letting God to have the total control of everything- He knows best!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

What Happen When We Misuse Social Media?

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Social media made a significant impact in the way we behave and react to things that we both like and dislike. We love to post and share our emotions, life's update and even those things that keep our hands busy even if it is not really that important. 

Long ago, most of us could have written all our good and bad experiences for the day in our exclusive diary. However, as technology evolves and becomes accessible to the public, so does our lives. Those secret feelings that we held confidential to ourselves alone has long been gone. 

Our life becomes an open book, a daily menu that almost anyone are free to feast on. We become very confident in sharing even our worst personalities, and we are so delighted when somebody could relate and eventually like our status. The more likes or readers we get, the higher is the trust that we put to social media. It becomes our daily companion.

It is clear to me, however, that we have different views and opinions about social media. There are some who viewed social media as an outlet for freedom of expression. There are also some people who blamed the high crime rate and even moral degradation to social media.

But social media itself isn't bad at all. It's just among those list medium of communication. It can only be bad when we are going to misuse it. When our purpose of using social media is to malign people, to humiliate them, and/or to make fun of them, obviously, we are nothing but an irresponsible individual who needs to undergo proper training in using social media. 

We should be responsible enough in everything that  we have posted or about to post in our wall or what we have written or about to write in our blog. When we want to voice out our opinion, we can do so through social media but in a way that no one will be hurt. We can post anything that we like but we should be careful enough not to offend anyone and most of all, we should avoid using harsh hashtags for facebooks or twitters as much as possible. As we have noticed, some conflicts begin when the people we love trusted facebook and other social media sites more than they trust us.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Easy Weight Loss?

I do not know if you already heard about Garcinia Forte- the latest and hottest fat burning med in the market, I supposed.

I am so curious about it that I want opinion from you dear fellow bloggers, followers and readers about the efficacy and safety of this product.

Judy Ann Santos is said to be using this one, hope it is really true because Judai's figure right now are way too better than when she was still single.

I felt the need to lose weight and I badly want to know if this is really effective.

Any comment?

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

In Anything and Everything...

Honestly, it is not easy to become a teacher. Much more if you are handling heterogeneous type of students and all of them have a story to tell about themselves and the kind of life that they have.

Imagine the feeling when you learn that your student came to school late because he needs to walk a mile or two just to reach the school. How much more for a student who stopped schooling because his parents forced him to work in order to meet both ends for the family. How about learning that your student got absent for too long because she needs to give birth without you noticing a trace of bumps on her tummy for the past months because she tried hard to conceal it. Or what could be worst than having a student whose "part-time work" puts his life at risk?

Those are issues that quite too complicated to handle but you are left with no other choice than to accept the fact that you need to extend your patience, widen your understanding, show them love, and accept the fact that you need to be strong for them. 

Teaching is not an easy job. However, if teaching is your passion- you are far more than willing to do anything and everything for the love of teaching.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

How Do You Know If Your HVAC Unit Needs Repair

It is not always easy to determine whether an HVAC unit needs to be repaired or completely replaced. Because most sit on the outside of the house, they rarely get any owner attention until they have already moved beyond the point of the simple fix. There are some indicators that signal it may be time to call a professional for a rescue.

If the unit starts to make noises that are unusual, it has earned a closer inspection. When the unit is on, it should make a consistent hum. If the hum starts to modulate or make loud click noises that can be heard from inside the house, the unit likely needs repair. A typical problem is a broken compressor, but any number of functions inside the unit can cause the unit to malfunction. 

Home owners should also pay careful attention to units that do not seem to be running in cycles with a shut-off period. No unit should run constantly without a break. In some cases, this happens because of a change inside the house. The windows could be left open and significantly drop the temperature in the house, for example. In this case, the windows should be closed to see if the HVAC unit returns to proper function. If it does not, it is time to call a technician for repair.

To avoid some of these challenges, it is important to practice reasonable maintenance routines. These can range from changing the filter inside the house every month to purchasing a regular check-up plan from a local repair business. Simple preventive care can save a lot of headache down the road.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Legacy of Grace...

Romans 12:10 (231 kb)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

IN-Service Training On-going...

I am indeed so glad to be a part of the DepEd family. Right now, we are having an In-Service Training. The event is quite tasking, mind has to work in order to formulate targets and indicators but nevertheless, everything goes on smoothly. Being amongt eh newest members of the family, I still have to learn a lot and that means really a lot :-)

 By the way, I was the one who was tasked to make this tarp...

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