Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blogging Hiatus?

Thinking about my blog career nowadays, it is quite deteriorating. I am not really into blogging hiatus, I just do not have the luxury of time anymore. When I tried to check the number of posts that I was able to make for the previous years, it is quite a number, way too far from what I have accomplished for this year. 

However, I realized I was not alone after all with this dilemma. In fact, when I checked the blogs of those I followed, they too seems to go through the same thing with me. Nevertheless, I do not want to stop doing this thing. I still want to blog. I am confident that someday, in one way or another, such passion will be reignited and I can be on my way again in expressing all my random thoughts, my opinions and my views in life's perspectives.

Maybe, I just need to collect all my thoughts, exactly the same way that I just did right now.

Where are those memes by the way?

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