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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Buy and Sell?

Trading is an art of buying and selling commodities. In the early years of civilization, we adopted the Barter System which is done by exchanging goods without involving money. As the trading system develops, it introduces the Buy and Sell system. It now involves money as an exchange for the goods being bought and sold. In this kind of trading, big capital money is needed in order to go on with the business. An entrepreneur will buy goods and then sell it for a minimum interest for profit. Big investments mean big profit if handled properly. With the booming technology we have now, it greatly affects the trading system. Buy and sell can be done via online. One of the famous buy and sell website is the It is proudly managed by a Filipino. By the name itself, indeed it is “ayos dito” (it’s good here). As I look further into the content of the website, you have a variety of choices as to what to buy from what they are selling. The good thing about the site is that they almost have everything you need from small gadgets, bags for sale and to real properties. I was even amazed with their apartment for rent. It’s more than buy and sells business; they are also functioning well as online classified ads. Basically, is your one stop shop wherever you are in the Philippines. Their items to be sold are categorized per region so shipment is never that difficult for you. If you want to sell something, just post an ad by simply filling up their forms. By the way, I love pink, in fact I was so fascinated with the featured laptop and apartment posted at Check it out.
NEO Vivid v2120- Php 18K
Stingray Apartment-Php 15K/month


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