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Saturday, December 14, 2013

BPC 2013: Thanking God for Everything

Reality check: 2013 is almost over! If I have to assess my life for this year it's going to be quite awesome! Why awesome? It was awesome because God gave me the strength that I need to go on, move on, press on with my life. I am thankful for all those hardships that comes with a great realization. I am thankful as well that I've got such a wonderful Baby Girl! She is five months now, turning six on the 30th. I am thankful to God for her good health and everything about her. I also thanked God for my very energetic baby boy!

What to expect on 2014?

Obviously, everybody wants a good life and I am not an exemption. I really want good life for me and for my family. I am hoping and praying for a better future. I am waiting as well for God's answer to my prayers even though I am not deserving to get heard and be heard, but I know that in 2014, God will fulfill all His promises to me. Amen to that! 

I am also looking forward of reuniting with my dear brother who was gone for 2 years to earn a living in overseas. I am also hoping that Mama will eventually get her visa for US. Hmm lot of things to hope for. Nevertheless, it is God's final say that shall prevail. Amen.

Happy Holiday!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BPC #20: Capturing Sunday's Best

If the newborn baby boy of Prince William and Princess Kate is having a limited exposure, my Baby Jerusha got the opposite! LOL! Am just wondering what life would be in the Royal Kingdom? 
Anyway, the royal baby's exposure is limited because he belongs to the royal blood. My baby does not belong to the royal blood, I'm blood type A positive after all LOL!
These pictures were taken by Lyle, one of our pretty young ladies in our church one Sunday afternoon. She thought my baby is so cute so she kept on taking pictures of her using her tab.

My li'l darling's cute little feet :)
Mama, what have they done to me?

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

318/366 Mirror

See how he enjoyed much upon looking himself in the mirror? That's my baby Gregory!

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

279/366 BPC: Humba Anyone?

Fruit wine
Reality bites: I do not know how to cook that is why I always look forward in going home to my mother's home especially if there is an occasion because I get to eat all her delicious food preparations. She's a great cook anyway! Well, I knew you are all familiar with HUMBA (Pork Adobo?). It is so tempting, mouth watering yet not good for our health if we will eat it always. Well, in this case, I have a banana as an antidote! LOL! And wait, there's a fruit wine too! 

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Monday, October 1, 2012

BPC 275/366:Cramming Eh?

I was so surprised upon learning that next week I should administer my Final Performance Exam for my 5 classes in Drawing as well as in Educational Technology. Oh my! What happened to me? I kinda lost of track with my schedules! Anyway, since I still have one more topic left, I am into discussion marathon and have their projects done at home.

Indeed, since becoming a Mom, I often run out of time with my school activities but hey I am not saying that I am putting all the blame to my baby or have any regrets at all. I just love to spend more time with my baby that I do not allow my job to interfere in my moments with him... Hmmm...

 isn't he irresistible?

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Monday, September 10, 2012

BPC 254/366: In His Memory...

In memory of my dear Tatay
In our lives we met lots of people. Some will just pass by, while others choose to stay. Those who chooses to stay, they stayed for a reason. Those people who lingers with us are those who gave value to us. It is also a reality that there are people whom you are not related with by any bloodline or consanguinity yet they are like more than a family to us.

Let me share with you a story.

Everybody called him "Tatay". His presence in our lives filled the empty seat that my biological father have used to abandon. He is my step father. Unlike what we often heard in the news about a step father maltreating his stepchildren, he is the exact opposite. He loves us like his own. That is why we love him too. But ours is not really a perfect relationship. We often have misunderstandings but Tatay's fatherly love is just so unique. He gave pieces of advice but he never forced you to follow it. He is a man of wisdom. He is not perfect but he is real. He reprimand you when you did something wrong. He is very observant too. He has a very sharp memory. Ask him about History and he will keep you posted. However, just like any individual, Tatay has his share of stubbornness too. If there's one vice that he couldn't give up-it is smoking. That is actually the main reason when we fight. I was the one who reprimanded him it's because I love him. I used to be his nurse way back then. I was the one who have enough courage to give him a shot of insulin twice a day. When I got married he couldn't walk well anymore. Few days before my wedding he told me to let my biological father to walk me on the aisle but I protested. I insisted him to be with me on my big day. He said he couldn't make it anymore because our church was on the second floor of a building and it is difficult for him to climb up the stairs. I insisted saying many are willing to carry him upstairs. And on my big day, my brother told me that Tatay went to the church so early so he have enough time to climb up the stairs. Wow, that was more than a year ago. By the time I have a family on my own, I barely see Tatay anymore. I got pregnant then and I find it too risky to travel a lot considering that we are living quite far from them. Every time I am home, he used to ask me to massage his feet and hand. Every time I did it, I noticed the great changes in Tatay. He is getting weaker each day. It's like he's getting brittle each day. I know the end is near.

Death is inevitable.

This is the reality in life. All of us will have the same ending regardless of who and what we are.

As I thank God for my 31 years of  existence yesterday, my Tatay passed away a day after my birthday. Indeed, life will really end. His death just happened so suddenly, everyone was caught unguarded. We (my hubby and my baby) were not there because we live couple of kilometers away. He was enduring the complication of diabetes. He can barely walk. He is not physically  fit. He went through lots of medication but to no avail. We have also tried alternative medication but he did not continue because his system could not adapt it anymore.

We heard stories about bad relationship between step dad/mom to his stepchildren, and we are blessed enough to have Tatay. 

We might not be your first family, yet you choose to stay with us until your last breath. We couldn't thank you enough for the love and care you have shown to us. We will be missing you. We hope to see you when our turn to have an appointment with God comes.

Hasta la vista!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#213/366 Sleepy Baby

My baby really grew so fast. At six months and one week, he already had his first tooth! I am so excited upon seeing the white tooth sprouting and we'll be expecting for the adjacent tooth to follow few days from now. He weighs heavier now that I cannot carry him anymore for a longer period of time. I personally took care of our baby especially from Sundays to Tuesdays, these are the days that I do not have a class. Besides, I do not have internet access at home (yet) thus I have all my attention to him. This picture above was taken during one of our visits in my mother's house.

Linking for BPC. To my dear fellow bloggers, I am so sorry if I wasn't able to have my rounds for comment. I just have limited time. Every time I am using a computer, it's all for posting hoping to maintain my PR and checking my inbox for possible opps from DA. If given ample time, I'll make it up to you guys.  As for now, I am asking for your kind consideration :)

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

#207/366: Stroller vs. Bicycle and Tricycle ;)

Jeush: Mama, why is it my ride is different from those at my back?


Look at his face... he seems asking such question to me, right? That's my inquisitive baby Jeush Gregory!

I'm finally back here at 366 BPC

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#171/366 BPC: You Like Me, Don't You?

Well, if you really do, then like Tatine's Shoppe FB Page, and look for this picture then like it. As easy as A-B-C. Don't you love the way he smiles at you? Geee, thanks for the like!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#158/366: Oh Baby, Baby, Baby Oh...

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#157/366: It's Us Again!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

#156/366: Another Pose

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

#155/366: One Christmas Ago...

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

#154/366: Six Years Ago...

Yeah this picture was taken barely six years ago. With me is my sister and I miss her so much.:)

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

#152/366 BPC: Flawless Face You Want?


Wee I just miss those time when pimple breakouts is not yet haunting me. Well, this was taken when I was still single. See, unlike the present time, I do not have acne marks and many were asking about my beauty regimen. But since I got pregnant, acne breakouts was inevitable. Anyway, slowly I am recuperating from those bad marks. 


See the difference? Thanks to the BB Cream I am using and thanks to Tupperware Brands, it pays to be a dealer. LOL!

My BB Cream

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