Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Being Flexible to Changes

Maybe one of our struggles that we always encounter in our lives is in the area of CHANGE and in the context of ADAPTABILITY- Our ability to be flexible in every changes in our lives that we have to go through. I know how difficult it is to be displaced from your comfort zone. To be taken away from those things that makes you feel comfortable. I knew the feelings. However, CHANGE is inevitable- and we need to adapt ourselves to it in order to move on and become a better and mature person. 

I love the changes that I have to go through right now. At first, I was completely lost (so to speak). I lost the energy (that's what i thought) BUT as days go by, I learn to adapt and eventually I totally embrace all the changes that I have to go through. I become more flexible. Then one mantra came into my mind (this was my mantra ever since I realized the realities in life but almost forgotten it): EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

That's it! 

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sudden Changes

There's only one constant in this world- CHANGE.
This week is quite a rugged week for me-and I've been through many surprises.
First, my son got high fever so I need to get absent from my class to send him to the hospital for check up. 
Second, I was informed that some of my students under my advisory will be transferred to a new section.
Finally, I was relinquished on my throne as an adviser so I could move to another level.

Changes hurt. Yes, it does. Specially if you are not prepared to accept the changes.

As for me, I was really surprised upon getting the news that beginning Monday, I have to turn over the advisory to a new teacher. Though I was surprised but I have to accept the reality that indeed there's nothing permanent in this world.

I was really surprised, yes, but I have to accept it. I have to move on. Some of my students reacted, I understand their reactions.

I also believe that everything happens for a reason.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Give Your Piping Company A Competitive Edge With These Growth Strategies

Business owners who run piping companies are likely interested in maintaining a competitive edge that enables them to become industry leaders. If this is currently one of your most pressing objectives, you should know that there are many ways for you to get your company's growth process in full effect. Here are three:

1. Make Inspections A Priority.

Safety should always be first in the piping industry. As such, it's critically important for you as the business owner to invest in effective inspection services that will keep the pipes you use and/or sell in optimal condition. When you start your search for a great inspection company, consider ChemRefServices. The company offers a wide range of excellent inspection services, including but not limited to the API 570 inspection, maintenance inspection, and turnaround inspection..

2. Optimize "Connectivity."

In addition to obtaining excellent inspections, it's important that you ensure that your piping company is optimizing "connectivity." This term has become big news in the marketing industry, and for a good reason. Although defined diversely, connectivity is basically the process of ensuring that a company continually interfaces with his or her clients for the purpose of optimizing brand familiarity and facilitating conversion. There are numerous ways to put this important, brand-building process in motion, including online advertising. Connectivity can also be actualized through offline measures like meeting new customers via lectures, conferences, and informal networking venues such as baby showers and weddings.

3. Focus On Personal Growth.

When you start putting together your strategic plan for business optimization, keep the power of personal growth in mind. If you want your piping company to be as excellent as possible, you need to pursue personal excellence. There are numerous ways to start this personal growth process, including by eliminating nutritionally vacuous foods from your diet. By integrating nutritionally dense foods into your dietary lifestyle, you will likely experience a substantive increase in your energy levels, which will in turn help you function more effectively while on the job.


If you run a pipe company and want to edge out your competition, you need to have a plan in place. Moreover, the plan needs to be predicated on proven principles that will help you obtain the level of success you desire. Get started now by investing in inspections, optimizing connectivity, and focusing on personal growth. Good luck!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Going Further with BTTE Course

When I entered college in 1998, I aimed to take Education course because I was inspired by my high school teacher in TLE- Drafting. However, I changed my mind due to some apprehensions and inhibitions about my capacity and capability being shy type then. So, I ended up in Architectural Drafting Technology, a three-year course offered by then Mindanao Polytechnic State College. When I finished the three-year course, we were advised to pursue bachelor degree and in my case I have three options: Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT), and Bachelor in Technician Teacher Education (BTTE). I chose BTTE, not because I want to teach, but simply because I don’t want to complicate things and all I want to do during that time was to finish my studies the soonest possible time. I can actually opt for BSIT but I considered myself unfit for industries considering my height of less than 5 feet tall (that’s how low my self-esteem was back then). I wish I could pursue my ADT course in Architecture but I considered it as an expensive course and I don’t want to give more stress to my Mom who was our sole breadwinner PLUS I have two other siblings who were studying in college as well at BSU and STI. 

I am part of the pioneering group in BTTE- it’s a trimester course during that time so after my graduation in ADT, I took up Summer classes as per requirement. At first, I really have difficulty in complying with all the requirements-mostly paper works and reporting but with the supporting group of classmates that I have and my determination to finish, I was able to make it. Added factor also was the presence of our professors who were mostly Doctors of Philosophy or Technology- that includes the College President, Dr. Montano F. Salvador, who was the brain behind this course.  I learned to love the course actually.  However, after graduation, it took me sometime (more than two years) to realize that my bachelor’s degree requires me to teach! So I took the Licensure exam and, by God’s grace, was able to pass it. Though I already have the license, I still have so many apprehensions concerning my skills. I have hesitations to apply in Secondary Schools because I thought I don’t have an edge over those graduates of Industrial Education course wherein they were able to tackle almost all the specializations in TLE. I only specialized in Architectural Drafting and nothing else. So I landed in many jobs which I never learned in my years in college. I was once became an Account Supervisor in a Manpower Agency for a year. That experience taught me how to deal with people. Then I became a Sales Executive in one of the trusted computer dealers in the city. I thought that was the job for me. But in spite of the fact that I learned to love my job during that time, I am still hopeful that God allowed me to finish my Education degree for a reason though I cannot clearly find that reason yet but I just want to claim it. Breakthrough came when one of our regular customers, who was my former teacher in MPSC also, came in to inform me that they are in urgent need of a part time instructor in Fundamentals of Drawing. At first, I was really reluctant because it’s been three years or so that I never applied everything that I have learned in ADT but the Chairman of the Graphics Department, who happened to be my former teacher also, insisted that I should accept the offer. It was a short notice actually, because barely a week after I was informed, the classes should start. So I challenged myself, with fervent prayer, I accepted the offer. 

My first day in teaching was not that easy. I have so many worries in my mind if I could get through the entire semesters. I double time in studying my lessons. I was just a page ahead of my students actually. To cope up with all my apprehensions, I made the initiative to make a lesson notes that would cover the whole semester through the guidance of the course syllabus. My first semester was my great period of adjustments- then it was also during that moment that I realized that I am beginning to love my job. I was already unmindful of the pressures. I just love what I am doing. During the semestral break, I took up short course in Basic CADD so I could teach the subject on the second semester. My colleagues are very supportive to me during my first school year. Before I noticed it, I already have been teaching for eight long years in MUST. I also use it as an advantage when I applied for DepEd with the K+12 Program.

Until now, some people are not familiar with this course (BTTE). But for those among us who were a product of this course, it was indeed a blessing. Though it is good to become a jack of all trades, but it is far better to become an expert of one specialized course. That’s what BTTE have taught me. Right now, all my apprehensions are gone. I am still learning more about my course; moreover, I am also taking on the possibility that BTTE course can go further with the aid of modern technology- that’s what my experiences in other jobs have also taught me.

Long live, BTTE!

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Friday, July 10, 2015

A Disabled Crane Costs You Money

When you are working with heavy equipment, it's a top priority to keep everything in shape. You don't have time for malfunctions and breakdowns. When your overhead crane is out of commission, it throws everything off. If you can't finish on schedule, you can run into problems with other commissions. Worse yet, you can have a negative impact on your reputation. Turn to ProservCrane Group when you need disabled crane parts. Stay on track and stick to the program with speedy repairs and a reliable source for the parts you need.

When Time is of the Essence

You can't waste a minute hunting around for parts when your overhead crane has a problem. With ProservCrane Group, you'll always know where to go for a comprehensive listing of crane parts and components. It doesn't matter what make or model you have. ProservCrane Group should have the parts that you need in order to get your crane up and running again. If you can't find what you're looking for, customer service representatives will assist you. If you need a custom-made part, the professionals at ProservCrane Group can design and fabricate the right replacement. Make your life easier and turn to a definitive source for overhead crane parts.

Expect the Unexpected

In order to keep your schedule and ensure that your overhead crane is in good shape, regular maintenance is key. Stock up on parts that need to changed often. Head trouble off at the pass when you begin to see wear and tear. With the ProservCrane Group as your source for parts, you can have replacements on hand at your convenience. Perform tune-ups before damage is done. The best part is how easy it is to get your parts. At the click of a button, you can pull up the list. Make your purchase and expect a timely arrival so that you can move forward. When you need to give your overhead crane some attention, enlist the aid of the ProservCrane Group, your partner when it comes to components for your overhead crane.

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