Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sudden Changes

There's only one constant in this world- CHANGE.
This week is quite a rugged week for me-and I've been through many surprises.
First, my son got high fever so I need to get absent from my class to send him to the hospital for check up. 
Second, I was informed that some of my students under my advisory will be transferred to a new section.
Finally, I was relinquished on my throne as an adviser so I could move to another level.

Changes hurt. Yes, it does. Specially if you are not prepared to accept the changes.

As for me, I was really surprised upon getting the news that beginning Monday, I have to turn over the advisory to a new teacher. Though I was surprised but I have to accept the reality that indeed there's nothing permanent in this world.

I was really surprised, yes, but I have to accept it. I have to move on. Some of my students reacted, I understand their reactions.

I also believe that everything happens for a reason.

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