Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Being Flexible to Changes

Maybe one of our struggles that we always encounter in our lives is in the area of CHANGE and in the context of ADAPTABILITY- Our ability to be flexible in every changes in our lives that we have to go through. I know how difficult it is to be displaced from your comfort zone. To be taken away from those things that makes you feel comfortable. I knew the feelings. However, CHANGE is inevitable- and we need to adapt ourselves to it in order to move on and become a better and mature person. 

I love the changes that I have to go through right now. At first, I was completely lost (so to speak). I lost the energy (that's what i thought) BUT as days go by, I learn to adapt and eventually I totally embrace all the changes that I have to go through. I become more flexible. Then one mantra came into my mind (this was my mantra ever since I realized the realities in life but almost forgotten it): EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

That's it! 

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