Friday, May 31, 2013

Check This Out: Mobile Medical Units from LifelineMobile!

40 ft. mobile medical unit
New Orleans-based 40 ft. (12.1m) mobile unit
Located in southern Louisiana, this 40 ft. (12.1m) mobile medical unit serves the greater New Orleans area.

Semi trailer mobile unit
53 ft. (16.1m) long mobile medical unit
A combination of mobile medical unit and emergency response unit, this mobile unit is used every day of the year.

Mobile medical unit interior
First-class interiors
LifeLine owners enjoy a level of interior build out that can't be attained in a converted RV or school bus.
Hospitals regularly need people to donate blood so they can have it available during surgery or other medical interventions. While people can always donate at the hospital, it is much more effective to have a blood mobile go out into a busy area of the community where citizens can do their civic duty and donate. A properly equipped medical unit can set up in a corner of a shopping center parking lot or out in the country at the county fair. Mobile medical units from are designed to be extremely functional for the specific purpose they are intended to be used. They can be made on a converted bus or truck platform and equipped with all of the necessary equipment and supplies to facilitate the treatment or testing of patients. A mobile mammogram unit can heighten community awareness of the battle against breast cancer and the importance of early screening. Drive a pink truck into a neighborhood and women will take notice and perhaps get an exam. Mobile medical units are excellent for special events. If there is a big music festival being held in some outdoor venue, the organizer must make sure that there are adequate medical services available in case someone gets sick or is injured while at the event. A mobile nursing station can help if someone gets dehydrated, cuts their hand or falls and sprains an ankle. A mobile dental truck can reach out to provide free basic dental care to communities that do not have access to dentists. In times of disaster, like the recent Oklahoma tornado, a mobile medical unit can provide emergency care and help the community while it recovers. Mobile medical units reach out into the community and bring medical care to the people. 

Note: Pictures courtesy of

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Jackie in Meeting New Friends

Oh yeah, I've been telling this all over again, I enjoyed my days with MinCARED Congress 2013. And why not? We have a very conducive accommodation, sumptuous meals and NEW FRIENDS too! Despite how stressful our task may seems, we still manage to greet and meet new faces. Lots of my previous students were there too to assist the Secretariat Committee. So who are those new faces that I was able to met?

I've got Jenny Sitoy, the ever dynamic, with lots of patience young woman who happened to be the Program Director, the Head of the Logistic Committee and our private driver too! LOL! Indeed she's so cool. She's able to perform all the task assigned to her-  she's a real epitome of grace under pressure. Amidst some slight glitches prior and during the big event, she was bale to iron it out with a smile of course! I've got no picture of her because she's too busy that she forgot that we're supposed to have a committee picture as agreed during the first day. Before the event ends, she managed to offer us a freebies supposedly that we can avail from Uptown Condotel where we stayed. It's a free sauna or jacuzzi but we're not able to avail it because what we truly need is a cool massage :)

Well, I just hope that I could still be a part of that MinCARED 2014 with her as the Program Director again :)

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MinCARED 2013: An Update

Like what I have said, I am so glad to be a part of the MinCARED 2013 Congress. Honestly, I am a little bit hesitant to accept the task that was delegated to me because I know much will be expected with regards to outputs at the end of the day. Before the day started, I asked for God's wisdom and strength to accomplish my tasks for the day. I am glad that He never fails me. Am so glad even if I am not really into power energy niche. But in fairness, I truly learned a lot and it also enables me to understand the reality behind Mindanao power crises. I learned from the speakers. Being a part of the Documentation Team, I was also made to understand the issues and concerns that the Electrical Cooperatives are facing right now and why consumers paid for the bill more than what they have consumed. Well, I cannot elaborate it here because it is so technical. However, if you understand the law of supply and demands, you'll never be surprised if you are billed more than what you have expected.

Tomorrow, it's going to be a plenary session and I have to assist our Moderator for the presentation of our outputs during the Focused Group Discussion. I am praying again to God for more wisdom and strength.

By the way, I so love the place where we currently stayed. It is so conducive and I am hoping that one day, I could bring my Babie and his Papa here even just for a day :)

@ Uptown Condotel

Looking forward for another day!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Be a Part of the MINCARED 2013- Register Now!

It is such a great privilege to be a part of the 2nd Mindanao Congress of the Advocates for Renewable Energy and Rural Electrification and Development (MINCARED) which will be held on May 27- 28, 2013 at Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club. I am part of the Documentation Team and there will be five of us who are task to document all the proceedings from Day 1 to Day 2.

If you are an advocate of the renewable energy and rural electrification and development here in Mindanao and you are aware of the power crisis that our beloved island have experienced since time immemorial, then let your voice be heard by joining this Congress. You can have an online registration by just simply visiting their website and do the following:

1.) Visit the AMRECO MinCARED website –
2.) Click Registration to MinCARED or Min Cared (located at the left side)
3.) See below the page CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
4.) Fill up the following details: Name, badge Name, Address, cell no, email, position ,company/org and choose your payment mode.
5.) Click Submit
6.) Once application Submitted, you will receive notification
7.)  Finance will verify the payment made
8.) If No payment made, status will remain PENDING and is considered not fully registered.
9.) If payment was made, Finance will process your online registration (transaction no.), you will receive notification that you are fully registered
10.) You may claim your kit on site just present your OR
Avail discounts when you register earlier! 
See you there!

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BSU Summer Class Journey- The Finale...

Last hurray! Yes indeed!

Today is the last day of our class and I just gave them their final exam. But before I let them do the hands-on, I instructed them to write their evaluation on a piece of a paper about this subject. Well, some truly find it difficult while others admitted that they really learned a lot and they learned to love the subject as well! Good for those who strive harder to grasp all the topic. However, until now, there are still some who are obviously struggling. Anyway, the class has ended and this is their final figure: (I made it easier for them to perform):

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Taiwan's Raging Battle... IS It Fair Enough?

Just a thought...

courtesy of Yahoo photos
I was saddened about the news of the death of a Taiwanese fisherman, Hung Shih-Chen after an encounter with our Philippine Coast Guard (See full stories here). I understand the fury of the Taiwanese government about the said incident however their course of action in retaliation to the Philippines was quite exaggerated (sorry for the word).

Let it be that the Philippine Coast Guard made a major mistake by killing the Taiwanese fisherman, then why not the Taiwanese government file a case directly to them? Why should they let the whole Filipino citizen take the consequences? On the news, I learned that OFW's in Taiwan experience bullying since the incident happened. In fact, they were even deprived to buy goods in the market. Some domestic helpers were locked up in the Comfort Room. Philippine flags were being burned in public. Such drastic acts are too much. And now they issued Red Travel Alert against the Philippines. They also threatened the Philippine government by staging a military drill near the Bashi Channel. There should be a proper investigation about the incident because drastic moves like this will only affect the relationship between the two countries. Cause and effect of the incident should be given careful attention. Yes it is true that it is not easy to lose a love one especially if death happened in a foreign country. But the end will not always justify the means.
courtesy of Yahoo photos
courtesy of Yahoo photos

The Philippine government already apologized and compensated the family of Hung Shih-Chen as requested by the Taiwanese government however, they still insist on doing the things that they want. I felt sorry to all OFW's who suffered the consequences. But aren't they (The Taiwan government) aware that there are many Taiwanese merchants here who enjoyed making business here in the Philippines maybe because they have higher profit here than on their own country? Do they think these merchants here won't be affected? Their course of action won't do any good to both countries. Why not directly resolve the issue by focusing only on those who are involved. With what happened, I am pretty sure the Philippine Coast Guard has already learned their lesson.

Lastly, I just hope the Prime Minister of Taiwan will issue a decision only after a careful and thorough consideration. Decision driven by anger and vengeance won't do any good at all.

Just an opinion.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Two more days and I'm a little bit frustrated... err... disgusted with the performance of some of my students. The figure was already given, all they have to do is to execute it, copy it yet, BUT they just don't get it right! I do not know how would they perform during their final exam next week...

To wrap things up, I let them perform TWO projects in one meeting thinking that they already gain enough knowledge about the topic after a series of similar activities....

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

After a long weekend, classes resume with four more days to go after today... Many were absent I do not know why. But activities/projects must go on so here is their activity for today:

 The Isometric view in 3D form:


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The Election Aftermath

So, the election was over. Those candidates who loses against their opponent at quite a wide margin, they readily concede while there are some who just cannot accept defeat easily. In our local area, we've got new Mayor and some new Councilors. Our new Mayor was the former Governor of Misamis Oriental, ex-Gov. Oscar "Oca" Moreno. During the campaign period, I heard a lot of black propaganda against him yet the Kagay-anons made up their mind- they want a renewed government under a new governance. Well, all I could say is that the newly elected Mayor has to prove his detractors wrong with all the allegations that were being thrown unto him during the campaign. And I am wishing him all the best for Cagayan de Oro under his governance. I just hope he will not fail all those who have trusted him last May 13, 2013.

As for the senatorial race, I checked my Yahoo account this morning and learned that Grace Poe took the lead among the Senator-aspirants who made it to the Magic 12 (overtaking the then No. 1 choice-Sen. Loren Legarda who landed on the second place). Well, this newbie is quite promising and hopefully as well, she will really live up to the people's expectation for her. So far, Team PNoy leads the Senatorial race. 

For us voters, constituents, ordinary citizens- let us just hope and pray that those who won this election will really put public service first above their personal interest.

partial result courtesy of

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Friday, May 10, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

With only few days left before the class will end, I made it sure that I will give more emphasis on Isometric topic and this time involving ellipse. So for their next activity/project I have this figure for them:

Sad to say, there are still few who just do not know how to analyze the given figure. I tried to make a one-on-one tutorial with them yet still they are struggling much especially in isometric topic :(

Oh by the way, this is how it looks like when the Isometric is done:

 Well, that's all for today. It's gonna be a long weekend because they will be going home to exercise their rights to suffrage for this May 13 election :)


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Well, forget about the days we've gone so far. Let me share to you the activities that they have performed:

Ortho & Iso Exercise 1
This is their first activity for Isometric and Orthographic Projection. Sad to say, after so much explanation and demonstration I've done for them, only few got it right. I am all the more frustrated with the result of their project:
Ortho & Iso Project 1

 They have different version of the figure.With my utmost desire to really let them learn it well, I gave them another activity related to our topic after a thorough review of our lesson. I let them have a hands-on exercise first. I called those student whom I found out to be really struggling to check if they understood the lesson well. The result improves somehow but again there were still some who just didn't get it right. I do not know what I should I do with them. And so tomorrow, another project awaits them and hopefully that time, they will have it done right!

Ortho & Iso Project 2
 Until then! 

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Are You Ready for the Coming Election?

This is what PhilStar got for me on my inbox today:
Well, I really didn't find time to dig on the issue, all I know is that it's barely one week to cast our votes. Almost all the local candidates in our District are busy with their campaigns. Early in the morning you could be awaken with their jingles. They also have their house to house campaign, you could rarely see them again after the election doing this so you better catch them, hand shake with them and respond to their smiles.
As for me, I haven't prepared a list yet in whom to vote. I do have some in mind but I just have to finalize it (hopefully I can do it tonight). All you can hear from most of the politicians are their promises, their platforms. As an ordinary citizens you just have to listen and think wisely. Not all politicians run for the sake of serving the country. Undeniably, there are politicians whose personal interest comes first before the interest of its constituent. Well, I just hope that the people who will be elected this May 13 will be able to firmly keep their promises and will not fail us.

How about you, are you ready to cast your vote?

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HAve You Heard About Gewurztraminer Wine?

Am not really into wine drinking. I have tried some of the ladies' drinks and that includes tequila and red wine on the list. I never thought that there are different varieties of wine, some are mild while most are strong, well, it really depends on its alcohol content. But have you heard about Gewurztraminer Wine? Notice how it was spelled, kinda hard, isn't it? So, What is Gewurztraminer Wine? This is one question that sought to be answered. Well, as I go into not-so-deeper research, I learned that Gewurztraminer Wine is an aromatic grape wine (though with a funny name) that is used for making white wine. And considering that it is aromatic, surely as I can see it, it has beneficial effect to our health. They grows in cool climate regions only which includes Canada, Germany, Italy and United States. And mind you, it is best served with spicy Asian cuisine and so much compatible with smoked salmon. Why don't you give it a try?

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BSU Summer Class Journey...

Day 13

Well, my students today performed their 5th activity with no sweat at all! The objective of the exercise is to familiarize themselves with the different object snaps.Sorry for those who came in late because they have some difficulty in moving their object to the given template. Hmm, I need to impose discipline when it comes to tardiness. Those who will arrive at 30 minutes beyond the time should no longer be allowed to attend the class. Would it be fair then? Just a thought though...

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