Friday, May 31, 2013

Jackie in Meeting New Friends

Oh yeah, I've been telling this all over again, I enjoyed my days with MinCARED Congress 2013. And why not? We have a very conducive accommodation, sumptuous meals and NEW FRIENDS too! Despite how stressful our task may seems, we still manage to greet and meet new faces. Lots of my previous students were there too to assist the Secretariat Committee. So who are those new faces that I was able to met?

I've got Jenny Sitoy, the ever dynamic, with lots of patience young woman who happened to be the Program Director, the Head of the Logistic Committee and our private driver too! LOL! Indeed she's so cool. She's able to perform all the task assigned to her-  she's a real epitome of grace under pressure. Amidst some slight glitches prior and during the big event, she was bale to iron it out with a smile of course! I've got no picture of her because she's too busy that she forgot that we're supposed to have a committee picture as agreed during the first day. Before the event ends, she managed to offer us a freebies supposedly that we can avail from Uptown Condotel where we stayed. It's a free sauna or jacuzzi but we're not able to avail it because what we truly need is a cool massage :)

Well, I just hope that I could still be a part of that MinCARED 2014 with her as the Program Director again :)

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