Monday, May 6, 2013

Are You Ready for the Coming Election?

This is what PhilStar got for me on my inbox today:
Well, I really didn't find time to dig on the issue, all I know is that it's barely one week to cast our votes. Almost all the local candidates in our District are busy with their campaigns. Early in the morning you could be awaken with their jingles. They also have their house to house campaign, you could rarely see them again after the election doing this so you better catch them, hand shake with them and respond to their smiles.
As for me, I haven't prepared a list yet in whom to vote. I do have some in mind but I just have to finalize it (hopefully I can do it tonight). All you can hear from most of the politicians are their promises, their platforms. As an ordinary citizens you just have to listen and think wisely. Not all politicians run for the sake of serving the country. Undeniably, there are politicians whose personal interest comes first before the interest of its constituent. Well, I just hope that the people who will be elected this May 13 will be able to firmly keep their promises and will not fail us.

How about you, are you ready to cast your vote?

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