Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MinCARED 2013: An Update

Like what I have said, I am so glad to be a part of the MinCARED 2013 Congress. Honestly, I am a little bit hesitant to accept the task that was delegated to me because I know much will be expected with regards to outputs at the end of the day. Before the day started, I asked for God's wisdom and strength to accomplish my tasks for the day. I am glad that He never fails me. Am so glad even if I am not really into power energy niche. But in fairness, I truly learned a lot and it also enables me to understand the reality behind Mindanao power crises. I learned from the speakers. Being a part of the Documentation Team, I was also made to understand the issues and concerns that the Electrical Cooperatives are facing right now and why consumers paid for the bill more than what they have consumed. Well, I cannot elaborate it here because it is so technical. However, if you understand the law of supply and demands, you'll never be surprised if you are billed more than what you have expected.

Tomorrow, it's going to be a plenary session and I have to assist our Moderator for the presentation of our outputs during the Focused Group Discussion. I am praying again to God for more wisdom and strength.

By the way, I so love the place where we currently stayed. It is so conducive and I am hoping that one day, I could bring my Babie and his Papa here even just for a day :)

@ Uptown Condotel

Looking forward for another day!

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