Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Election Aftermath

So, the election was over. Those candidates who loses against their opponent at quite a wide margin, they readily concede while there are some who just cannot accept defeat easily. In our local area, we've got new Mayor and some new Councilors. Our new Mayor was the former Governor of Misamis Oriental, ex-Gov. Oscar "Oca" Moreno. During the campaign period, I heard a lot of black propaganda against him yet the Kagay-anons made up their mind- they want a renewed government under a new governance. Well, all I could say is that the newly elected Mayor has to prove his detractors wrong with all the allegations that were being thrown unto him during the campaign. And I am wishing him all the best for Cagayan de Oro under his governance. I just hope he will not fail all those who have trusted him last May 13, 2013.

As for the senatorial race, I checked my Yahoo account this morning and learned that Grace Poe took the lead among the Senator-aspirants who made it to the Magic 12 (overtaking the then No. 1 choice-Sen. Loren Legarda who landed on the second place). Well, this newbie is quite promising and hopefully as well, she will really live up to the people's expectation for her. So far, Team PNoy leads the Senatorial race. 

For us voters, constituents, ordinary citizens- let us just hope and pray that those who won this election will really put public service first above their personal interest.

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