Monday, May 6, 2013

HAve You Heard About Gewurztraminer Wine?

Am not really into wine drinking. I have tried some of the ladies' drinks and that includes tequila and red wine on the list. I never thought that there are different varieties of wine, some are mild while most are strong, well, it really depends on its alcohol content. But have you heard about Gewurztraminer Wine? Notice how it was spelled, kinda hard, isn't it? So, What is Gewurztraminer Wine? This is one question that sought to be answered. Well, as I go into not-so-deeper research, I learned that Gewurztraminer Wine is an aromatic grape wine (though with a funny name) that is used for making white wine. And considering that it is aromatic, surely as I can see it, it has beneficial effect to our health. They grows in cool climate regions only which includes Canada, Germany, Italy and United States. And mind you, it is best served with spicy Asian cuisine and so much compatible with smoked salmon. Why don't you give it a try?

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