Thursday, May 9, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Well, forget about the days we've gone so far. Let me share to you the activities that they have performed:

Ortho & Iso Exercise 1
This is their first activity for Isometric and Orthographic Projection. Sad to say, after so much explanation and demonstration I've done for them, only few got it right. I am all the more frustrated with the result of their project:
Ortho & Iso Project 1

 They have different version of the figure.With my utmost desire to really let them learn it well, I gave them another activity related to our topic after a thorough review of our lesson. I let them have a hands-on exercise first. I called those student whom I found out to be really struggling to check if they understood the lesson well. The result improves somehow but again there were still some who just didn't get it right. I do not know what I should I do with them. And so tomorrow, another project awaits them and hopefully that time, they will have it done right!

Ortho & Iso Project 2
 Until then! 

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