Friday, May 17, 2013

Taiwan's Raging Battle... IS It Fair Enough?

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courtesy of Yahoo photos
I was saddened about the news of the death of a Taiwanese fisherman, Hung Shih-Chen after an encounter with our Philippine Coast Guard (See full stories here). I understand the fury of the Taiwanese government about the said incident however their course of action in retaliation to the Philippines was quite exaggerated (sorry for the word).

Let it be that the Philippine Coast Guard made a major mistake by killing the Taiwanese fisherman, then why not the Taiwanese government file a case directly to them? Why should they let the whole Filipino citizen take the consequences? On the news, I learned that OFW's in Taiwan experience bullying since the incident happened. In fact, they were even deprived to buy goods in the market. Some domestic helpers were locked up in the Comfort Room. Philippine flags were being burned in public. Such drastic acts are too much. And now they issued Red Travel Alert against the Philippines. They also threatened the Philippine government by staging a military drill near the Bashi Channel. There should be a proper investigation about the incident because drastic moves like this will only affect the relationship between the two countries. Cause and effect of the incident should be given careful attention. Yes it is true that it is not easy to lose a love one especially if death happened in a foreign country. But the end will not always justify the means.
courtesy of Yahoo photos
courtesy of Yahoo photos

The Philippine government already apologized and compensated the family of Hung Shih-Chen as requested by the Taiwanese government however, they still insist on doing the things that they want. I felt sorry to all OFW's who suffered the consequences. But aren't they (The Taiwan government) aware that there are many Taiwanese merchants here who enjoyed making business here in the Philippines maybe because they have higher profit here than on their own country? Do they think these merchants here won't be affected? Their course of action won't do any good to both countries. Why not directly resolve the issue by focusing only on those who are involved. With what happened, I am pretty sure the Philippine Coast Guard has already learned their lesson.

Lastly, I just hope the Prime Minister of Taiwan will issue a decision only after a careful and thorough consideration. Decision driven by anger and vengeance won't do any good at all.

Just an opinion.

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