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Thursday, September 8, 2011

iheartWAGW Contest- My Bet!

Being in the limelight, having lots of endorsing opportunities, and being popular is what fashion world is all about! (Well, that's from my own point of view). I salute those women who have the confidence and the courage to carry themselves before the spot light... If I only have the guts and the beauty I would be one of them lol!

Some people who really love fashion might like fashion classes they can learn about from Guide to Online Schools. Fashion is so much fun.

Anyway, recently, What A Girl Wants launches their iheart What A Girl Wants Contest. The mechanics are quite simple. Just simply pose before the camera wearing their fashionable RTW's, save the picture and send it to their facebook fan page at!/WAGWOnline. Whoever gets the most likes will get the chance to win a Shopping spree worth P10,000.00!
Of course, since I don't have the chance (and the guts) to be part of the contest, I have here my two bets: they are sisters and I am appealing your generous effort to like them on facebook too! Before you can like their entries, like the page first of What A Girl Wants (please click the link) then look for the following pictures:

that's Ms Abegail and below is her young Sis Debi...

Aren't they so cute?

Voting will close on the 14th of September, please vote for them! Winners will be announce on the following day, September 15, 2011!

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