Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanks Virgin Coconut Oil!

I just want to share about my experience this morning.

My tummy aches, obviously because I am so hungry and hubby wasn't home yet. I have already cooked rice but got no viand and honestly, it's hard to swallow rice alone LOL! When I went to the other room to get something, I was lucky enough to find 5 peso on top of our drawer just enough to buy one egg, my favorite! LOL. So tagging along my baby, I went out to buy an egg and when I got home I immediately prepare a bowl where I could beat the egg. I savored it with Magic Sarap to enhance the taste then I realized, we run out of cooking oil! and I guess it's impossible to cook it with water LOL! Then suddenly a bright idea sunk in (Thank You Lord for the wisdom) I remember we have a virgin coconut oil i our room so I check its expiration and it is still good til 2015, it can be taken orally so meaning it's edible, and since it's an oil, it can fry! 

And so I have my yummy egg for my breakfast LOL!

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#304/366 BPC/Wednesday Whites: Kids' Pajama Party!

My son, Gregory and future pal, CJ
Behold two of the youngest participants in our church's Kids' Pajama Party early this October (babies included though!). I truly enjoyed the event, I'm sure my son felt the same way too. This picture was taken while he was still sleeping soundly but mind you, right by the time he awakens, the real story begins! LOL!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You Will Be Center Of Attraction With Louis Vuitton Replica

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Is Print Ads Still Useful?

Advertising may comes in many form and with the growing online users, online advertising become popular. No business will prosper without going through advertising. No wonder millions of worth of money were spent just for a few seconds of advertising, be it online or television. How about printed advertising, would they still be effective medium nowadays? One may thought about this right now. As for me, I am positive with it. The question that goes IsPrintAdvertisingStillUsefu? may gather different reactions but for me personally, it really does. Why useful? It is because print advertising will leave a lasting impression and more practical than online advertising. Of course I am not discounting the importance of online advertising but somehow it could never discount as well the importance of print advertising. 

Be it on billboards, tarpaulin, signages, print advertising is still very useful. Take note, NOT all people have access to internet and who knows, your principal target might be just right there in the corner reading the print ads and made a lasting impression in his mind.

photo credit:

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Mama, Where's My Milk?

I was trying to find a nice theme for a friend's blog when my son cried loudly. Well, mother's instinct, I stop working and attend to him. I tried to ask him what he wants (as if he can already talk) he just gave me that "please give me my milk" look. My baby was so adorable that he is simply irresistible. I really love him and I wanna give him the best thing in life that I could. As of this writing, he is busy consuming his 210 ml bottle of milk :)

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Uncompromising Safety? Trust Radiall Products

Being in the military force is perhaps one of the most challenging responsibilities. One must be precise enough and have extended knowledge about the obstacles as well as the ways and means in engaging in actual combat. I truly admired those people who spend half of their lifetime in serving our country and committed to maintain the peace and order among the citizens.  It takes enough courage, determination and lots of initiative in joining this force. The success of every battle depends a lot on how well-prepared the military or any soldier was. One who engaged on a battle should not only be physically prepared but most importantly, he must be completely armed and knows how to operate every gadgets and other paraphernalia which might include the different kinds of ammos, compasses, and the military and GPS antennas. The government must take into consideration in giving enough budgets for the gears and equipment mostly needed by our military force. The security of the people must not be compromised by all means. I knew for a fact that acquiring all the necessary paraphernalia would be costly enough but like what I have said, and I would like to emphasize it again, our safety must not be compromised.

GPS antenna
It has been proven that using highly technical gadgets would be an advantage. If we consider CCTV cameras as a helpful tool in eradicating crime issues, so is the military and GPS antennas. And it would be more useful if the military can use that kind of antenna that would really answer all their needs especially during actual combats. If we are looking for a quality antenna, has the total solution.  Their antenna solutions range from industrial to military applications and include Line-Of-Sight tactical communications, vehicular mount, GPS, telemetry, and mesh networks. Additionally, Radiall offers custom antenna solutions and support for specialized performance requirements. Just exactly what the military should need. For more information, you can visit their new launched site for easy browsing. Like what they have promised, their most important connection is with you.

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Just When I Needed You Most!

Cramming time. Deadline on Friday but I am still halfway in my grades computation, Oh No! (yet I still have time to write this post, LOL!)

Honestly, I really run out of time for so many GOT NO reasons:

----> Got no nanny for my baby so I have to wait for my hubby's time availability from work before I can sneak out from the house

----> Got no computer at home so need to go to school to compute my grades (on Excel!)

----> Got no luxury of time to do it at once!

I tried to asked a generous friend of mine if she can lend me her laptop and I am so thankful that she said YES, thus I am confident in writing this post, LOL! But then again, some of my not-so-conscious-of-their-grades students were not able to comply all my requirements so I got no other option but to give them a crispy INC (that's INCOMPLETE) grade, WHILE OTHERS GOT A REALLY FAILING GRADES- I am just tasked to compute then, they were the ones who choose their grades ;)

And hey, about the relevance of the title as written above? I am referring to the computer actually, LOL! When  I got the opportunity, I will buy lots and lots of computers LOL!

What's happening to me? 

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rush Hour

Everyday  I tried to comply a lot of things however truth prevails that I am a mere human and I have limitations. There are lots of things that I want to do for my son, lot of things to do for myself and lot of things to do for my chosen career but all of those things that I want to do, only few were being accomplished. Time is so limited, and so my energy. A lot of ideas were being conceived in my mind but it remains undone. Well, I am not really complaining about those things, it's just that I got confused with my priorities.  I doubt if this is still part of that so called effect of post-partum depression. My baby is going nine on the 23rd of this month and I tell you, he moves a lot and he grows bigger and bigger each day. Soon I will be seeing myself at the middle of two taller individuals (my hubby and my son). But again, priorities is an issue for me. I have to reorganize myself or else I will get easily frustrated again with the turn of my daily events/challenges/ordeals (anyway you call it).  For now, I still want to thank God for the renewed strength everyday. It was just so amazing how He sustain me each day. Being a Mom, a wife and a career woman (plus a blogger) is not an easy role but believe me, it's worth the sacrifice and the effort. (Thank You, Lord)

So right after writing this piece, I'll be beating the traffic, the waiting, and the tiring trip in going home. But all of those will be relieved with the smile of my son upon arriving home. He is simply irresistible!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WFW: Our Attitude When Praying

Luke 11:1-4 (84 kb)

Every time I have my class, I always start it with a prayer. I call for volunteer to lead the prayer and most often than not, my students pray the universal prayer that was taught to them back at home or church: the Our Father.

I used to tell them that spontaneous prayer would be more intimate. I really do not mind if they will pray on the language that they are more comfortable with as long as they will pray from the bottom of their heart. Our attitude in prayer matters most. It is our heart that God sees, and it is what matters to Him the most. No matter how good you are in choosing the right words when praying but your heart was not into it, it may not be pleasing before God. So the next time we pray, pray sincerely. We may pray according to the principle of ACTS:

A- Adoration
C- Confession
T- Thanksgiving
S- Supplication

So, what's in your heart right now? let it be known. Pray with all your heart.

God bless every one!

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Picture Perfect: I Loved Calling Him BABI (Baby)

Picture Perfect

Well, for this week, what occupies my mind a lot is my one and only baby, Jeush Gregory. He's sick right now, with stubborn cough and cold and got unstable body temperature. I just bought the medicine that his doctor prescribed earlier in September (with the same diagnosis). It is indeed difficult for our baby to get sick. I was the first who got sick and I felt so sorry for him for being contaminated with my contagious virus LOL!

Anyway, hopefully he will be okay right now with continued medication. Though he's sick, he is doing good physically (super likot pa rin!)...

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

279/366 BPC: Humba Anyone?

Fruit wine
Reality bites: I do not know how to cook that is why I always look forward in going home to my mother's home especially if there is an occasion because I get to eat all her delicious food preparations. She's a great cook anyway! Well, I knew you are all familiar with HUMBA (Pork Adobo?). It is so tempting, mouth watering yet not good for our health if we will eat it always. Well, in this case, I have a banana as an antidote! LOL! And wait, there's a fruit wine too! 

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BPC 277/366: It's All About My Baby

shhh... don't disturb!
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BPC 276/366: Learning His Way To Walk

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Monday, October 1, 2012

BPC 275/366:Cramming Eh?

I was so surprised upon learning that next week I should administer my Final Performance Exam for my 5 classes in Drawing as well as in Educational Technology. Oh my! What happened to me? I kinda lost of track with my schedules! Anyway, since I still have one more topic left, I am into discussion marathon and have their projects done at home.

Indeed, since becoming a Mom, I often run out of time with my school activities but hey I am not saying that I am putting all the blame to my baby or have any regrets at all. I just love to spend more time with my baby that I do not allow my job to interfere in my moments with him... Hmmm...

 isn't he irresistible?

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