Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is Print Ads Still Useful?

Advertising may comes in many form and with the growing online users, online advertising become popular. No business will prosper without going through advertising. No wonder millions of worth of money were spent just for a few seconds of advertising, be it online or television. How about printed advertising, would they still be effective medium nowadays? One may thought about this right now. As for me, I am positive with it. The question that goes IsPrintAdvertisingStillUsefu? may gather different reactions but for me personally, it really does. Why useful? It is because print advertising will leave a lasting impression and more practical than online advertising. Of course I am not discounting the importance of online advertising but somehow it could never discount as well the importance of print advertising. 

Be it on billboards, tarpaulin, signages, print advertising is still very useful. Take note, NOT all people have access to internet and who knows, your principal target might be just right there in the corner reading the print ads and made a lasting impression in his mind.

photo credit: http://themarketingrobot.com

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