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Saturday, October 6, 2012

279/366 BPC: Humba Anyone?

Fruit wine
Reality bites: I do not know how to cook that is why I always look forward in going home to my mother's home especially if there is an occasion because I get to eat all her delicious food preparations. She's a great cook anyway! Well, I knew you are all familiar with HUMBA (Pork Adobo?). It is so tempting, mouth watering yet not good for our health if we will eat it always. Well, in this case, I have a banana as an antidote! LOL! And wait, there's a fruit wine too! 

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  1. Hmm, yum, yum! I missed the real humba. Real kay mama man ang nagluto..LOL! Curious ko anang fruit wine mommy, unsa na wine ang gisagol?

    Thank's for joining, bpc!

  2. i miss humba, the way they cook it in leyte where they use pork complete with skin, fat, and a little meat then cooked until soft but dry...laway mode lol

  3. Pass lang ko sa humba. Katong saging lang akoa o! :D

    BPC hop!

  4. yessss i want some humba, miss ko na talagang yang humba at lahat ng pagkaing may taba hehehe

  5. i want some humba please!!! yum!

    BPC hop!


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