Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just When I Needed You Most!

Cramming time. Deadline on Friday but I am still halfway in my grades computation, Oh No! (yet I still have time to write this post, LOL!)

Honestly, I really run out of time for so many GOT NO reasons:

----> Got no nanny for my baby so I have to wait for my hubby's time availability from work before I can sneak out from the house

----> Got no computer at home so need to go to school to compute my grades (on Excel!)

----> Got no luxury of time to do it at once!

I tried to asked a generous friend of mine if she can lend me her laptop and I am so thankful that she said YES, thus I am confident in writing this post, LOL! But then again, some of my not-so-conscious-of-their-grades students were not able to comply all my requirements so I got no other option but to give them a crispy INC (that's INCOMPLETE) grade, WHILE OTHERS GOT A REALLY FAILING GRADES- I am just tasked to compute then, they were the ones who choose their grades ;)

And hey, about the relevance of the title as written above? I am referring to the computer actually, LOL! When  I got the opportunity, I will buy lots and lots of computers LOL!

What's happening to me? 

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