Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanks Virgin Coconut Oil!

I just want to share about my experience this morning.

My tummy aches, obviously because I am so hungry and hubby wasn't home yet. I have already cooked rice but got no viand and honestly, it's hard to swallow rice alone LOL! When I went to the other room to get something, I was lucky enough to find 5 peso on top of our drawer just enough to buy one egg, my favorite! LOL. So tagging along my baby, I went out to buy an egg and when I got home I immediately prepare a bowl where I could beat the egg. I savored it with Magic Sarap to enhance the taste then I realized, we run out of cooking oil! and I guess it's impossible to cook it with water LOL! Then suddenly a bright idea sunk in (Thank You Lord for the wisdom) I remember we have a virgin coconut oil i our room so I check its expiration and it is still good til 2015, it can be taken orally so meaning it's edible, and since it's an oil, it can fry! 

And so I have my yummy egg for my breakfast LOL!

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Anonymous said...

It seems like a happy morning for you Mam jackie :)
Regards to your baby!

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