Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rush Hour

Everyday  I tried to comply a lot of things however truth prevails that I am a mere human and I have limitations. There are lots of things that I want to do for my son, lot of things to do for myself and lot of things to do for my chosen career but all of those things that I want to do, only few were being accomplished. Time is so limited, and so my energy. A lot of ideas were being conceived in my mind but it remains undone. Well, I am not really complaining about those things, it's just that I got confused with my priorities.  I doubt if this is still part of that so called effect of post-partum depression. My baby is going nine on the 23rd of this month and I tell you, he moves a lot and he grows bigger and bigger each day. Soon I will be seeing myself at the middle of two taller individuals (my hubby and my son). But again, priorities is an issue for me. I have to reorganize myself or else I will get easily frustrated again with the turn of my daily events/challenges/ordeals (anyway you call it).  For now, I still want to thank God for the renewed strength everyday. It was just so amazing how He sustain me each day. Being a Mom, a wife and a career woman (plus a blogger) is not an easy role but believe me, it's worth the sacrifice and the effort. (Thank You, Lord)

So right after writing this piece, I'll be beating the traffic, the waiting, and the tiring trip in going home. But all of those will be relieved with the smile of my son upon arriving home. He is simply irresistible!

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kimmyschemy said...

wish you luck on that, girl!

a visit from kimmy!

Penda Penn said...

Maam C! hullo there~ and hullo baby Jeush!
You can do it maam! survivors assemble! :D

followed you ~ <3
take care ~ see u at church :D

lovely hugs.

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