Sunday, February 16, 2020

It Takes Two to Tango...

As I witnessed a wedding ceremony today, I remembered my own wedding. I can still vividly remember that tears of joy, sense of fulfillment and having that feeling of completeness. I could only wish that such feeling will truly last for a lifetime.

I envy those couple who are still so in love with each other after years or decades of marriage...
I felt sorry for those who were not able to live up their marriage vows.

But whose to blame for those failed marriages?  
Your spouse?
Your in-laws?
Your irreconcilable differences?

Marriage is an investment. It's a partnership, it's not sole proprietorship. Marriage will not work if there's no unity, cooperations and joint effort to make it profitable and progressive. There are countless ways to make marriage work but it will be futile if only one does the effort. 

It's not easy for one to keep the balance and wait for the partner to cooperate coz time will come that patience and determination deteriorate, so does love that supposedly holds the relationship. Above all, it's too difficult to stay in marriage when God is out of the picture. 

So for you Jo Daclison, have Junil do his part as well. Take Ptr Giovanni's words.

After all, It takes two to Tango! Right?

Best wishes!

God bless!

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