Sunday, April 29, 2018

Give a Title for this Post

How does it feel being neglected? ignored? unloved? Gosh, believe me, the feeling is so annoying? disgusting? Ahh I just couldn't find the right adjective. But mind you, that feeling of "self-pity" is also inevitable. I know for others I'm just being so unreasonable for entertaining such thought. But who could blame me? All I'm asking for is that little effort or gesture that would make me feel being loved, being prioritized, after all it's a special occasion for me, which is also supposedly, for both of us. But no, even a little effort hasn't done. For the past years, I did the initiative. Yes it was I who made the plan on what to do and where to go. It was I who reminded him on what he should do. Yes, you heard it right, he needs to be reminded, funny isn't it? Can you feel that love is in the air? I doubt. Coz for me, if you valued someone, you need to do something to let her know. You need to let her feel that she's still and will always be important to you. Am I asking for too much? What added insult to my already injured heart is the fact that when it was a reunion or his organization's activity, he was very active that he exert much effort, volunteer to work, and even spend money for it! Yes, he's willing to donate for the success of the event. But in our 7th year anniversary? No budget at all.

Now, judge me.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Realities in the Life of a Teacher

Another school year has ended. Another school year to look forward to. As for this year, my teaching career was put to the test- my patience among the top of the list. Of course, being an adviser brought me to my realities in life, realities that life has so much to be thankful for. Honestly, I so love this year, in spite of those busy schedules, numbers of delegated tasks, and other school stuff that keeps my hands busy.

Why do I love this year?

One, I love my advisory students. Most of them reminded me how it feels to be a teacher and a parent at the same time.

Two, I learned so much from them. I learned how to be a parent to a teenage kids-including the dos and don't.

Three, I will surely miss spending time with them.

Four, I will miss their annoying behavior sometimes, those moment of silence when I'm scolding them


The list could go on.

But yes, reality has taken its toll once again.
I was reminded again with the reality that people come and go in our life and yet no matter how hard I've tried not to be emotionally attached with my students, I just can't help it. Because they were already a part of me.
Someday, I may have forgotten their name-and so with them to me. But it is my prayer that someday, when they'll be able to catch their dreams, they'll return to me and allows me the opportunity to celebrate with them...
I've been teaching for more than a decade already, and mind you, the sweetest phrase that you could hear from your former students is the word "thank you".
Looking forward for that greatest day to come.

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