Sunday, April 29, 2018

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How does it feel being neglected? ignored? unloved? Gosh, believe me, the feeling is so annoying? disgusting? Ahh I just couldn't find the right adjective. But mind you, that feeling of "self-pity" is also inevitable. I know for others I'm just being so unreasonable for entertaining such thought. But who could blame me? All I'm asking for is that little effort or gesture that would make me feel being loved, being prioritized, after all it's a special occasion for me, which is also supposedly, for both of us. But no, even a little effort hasn't done. For the past years, I did the initiative. Yes it was I who made the plan on what to do and where to go. It was I who reminded him on what he should do. Yes, you heard it right, he needs to be reminded, funny isn't it? Can you feel that love is in the air? I doubt. Coz for me, if you valued someone, you need to do something to let her know. You need to let her feel that she's still and will always be important to you. Am I asking for too much? What added insult to my already injured heart is the fact that when it was a reunion or his organization's activity, he was very active that he exert much effort, volunteer to work, and even spend money for it! Yes, he's willing to donate for the success of the event. But in our 7th year anniversary? No budget at all.

Now, judge me.

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