Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Let Your Children Learn How To Dance!

When the summer season hits, parents often need a serious strategy for getting through those hot lazy days when the kids are off school. Though it’s great for kids to enjoy some time off from academia without a lot of serious structure, the reality is that usually after a couple weeks of “downtime,” young kids start to crave the enjoyment and fulfillment they get out of pursuing fun and meaningful activities with other children their age. This is why dance summer camps miami fl and other areas all across the US are a great idea for children who are interested in working out their energy while also committing to a serious discipline.

The Joy of Dance

Dancing is an incredibly fun and joyful activity, and yet it also teaches children about discipline and commitment. Dancing requires many hours of learning and rehearsals in order to get routines down, and learning this kind of discipline at a young age is invaluable. For all these reasons, dance camp is a great activity for young students to be involved in during the summer. Dance camp keeps young campers mentally and physically engaged while also keeping them fit.

Dance camps use different approaches to learning, and usually offer a variety of different styles of dance in their programs, from jazz to classical to hip-hop to musical theater. Working up a sweat to music and having fun with friends is what it’s all about at a quality dance camp, and for serious dancers it’s also a way to keep the discipline going even while school is out of session.

Parents who are looking for a great summer activity for their children should definitely consider the fun learning experience that comes with a quality dance camp. As the saying goes, 'the show must go on," and at a serious summer dance camp, it surely will.

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Helping Others in Fighting Depression

Each one of us has a story to tell... We all went through different challenges in life. Some appears to be strong though deep inside they are actually hurting. Others have manifested their weaknesses and their tears could prove it all. Lately, suicide stories became trending in the social media and most people were talking about it...

Yes, we were talking about it- and felt sorry that we can do nothing about it. But NO, we can do something about it! How? by not letting it happen again-NOT within your watch! So start looking at your surrounding. You might find someone who needs a shoulder to cry on, or someone who needs somebody to talk to. Be sensitive. They could be a sister, a brother, a friend, a neighbor, and even a stranger! However, if you are the one who is in need, look up then look around because for sure, God will send someone who could bring you comfort. God bless everyone.

Be the kind of person that God designed you to be.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Gift Ideas For Teenagers Who Are Hard To Buy For

No matter what area of the spectrum the teen you are buying for is on, new teen or last years as a teen, it can be difficult to know what to buy for their birthdays or other special occasions. Younger kids are easy to please and buy for. They like just about anything. A teenager, however, is at the stage where they know exactly what they are getting into and anything less is a disappointment. If you are looking to buy for a teen in your life, below are some great ideas to get you started.

Custom Gifts

One of the best things you can buy for that teen who has everything already is a custom gift. Generally, these types of gifts need to be bought ahead of time and you cannot just pick them up right before the event. Custom gifts can include the recipients name or maybe a picture on it of something they love. One such idea for a teen's gift is official cornhole boards from customcorntoss.com. You can have them created with just about anything on such as names to favorite sports teams' emblems.

Gift Cards

While many people see gift cards as the easy way out of gift-buying, it can be a great way to show a teen you care about them while giving them the freedom to buy what they truly want. The best way to go about this is to offer them the gift card in a unique way to make it special. Attach the card to a small, unique gift that lets them know you took time and put a little effort into thinking about them on their special day. Small gifts to use with the gift card can be a stuffed animal, a purse or wallet or maybe even a bank. All of these can work well with cash gifts, too.

Buying for anyone can be a difficult process anymore. It can be even more stressful when you are trying to buy for a teenager in your family. However, it can be done with a little effort and creative thinking on your part.

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

What's Next for Senator Manny Pacqiuao?

Manny Pacquiao in action against Lucas Matthysse REUTERS/Lai Seng Sin

I am happy for another victory that Senator Manny Pacquiao brought for our country after winning by knockout his fight against Argentinian boxer Lucas Matthysse on the 7th round. However, it is my prayer that it would be his last fight and he will retire for good. Three  years ago, he already pronounced his retirement and yet because of the clamor of the people that he should fight with Floyd Mayweather, he gave in then lost. Well, many said, Mayweather won through his dirty moves, it should have been Senator Manny Pacquiao who won the challenge. But as for me, he should have not listened to the people's cry. He has already proven his worth as a boxer. I considered all those fight as profiteering games for the gamblers who bet Manny's life at stake. Many people gambled a lot every time he fights. It became an avenue for the people to bet while putting Senator Manny's life at risk. Why at risk? Because every punch on his head is a day of turmoil on the day that comes when he gets old. No matter how many supplements would he take but the pain he got during the fight, especially those punches on the head will have had its effect in the long run.

What's next for Senator Manny Pacquiao? He would finally retire from his boxing career for his own good. 

I'll say AMEN to that.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to Prepare Your Son or Daughter to College

The high school years are the last few years for you to enjoy your children before they head off to college and start their own independent lives. It's important to make sure these years are productive, fun and fruitful. There are a few ways to make sure this happens. 

Consider these three. 

 1. Educational Priorities.

  One of the reasons why many parents want their children to get into the best private high schools in florida is because they want to set them up for college. When a child does well in high school, this widens the number of opportunities they have for college acceptances. Many important exams like the SATs and ACTs are given in the high school years. Furthermore, many students can take accelerated courses and gain college credits for free. 

 2. Extracurricular Activities 

 Whether your child loves soccer, basketball or drama, extracurricular activities help to spice up the educational experience with fun. Most colleges like to see students who are well-rounded. So, a mix of extracurricular activities, educational excellence and community service are the three areas that most students tend to work toward mastering. Sit down with your teenager and figure out which extracurricular activities will work well for them based on their personality. If you have a naturally shy child, singing in the choir might help them come out of their shell. However, it could make them retreat more into that shell. It's all about knowing the balance. Once your son or daughter is clear on which direction to pursue, always remain encouraging. 

 3. Relationships 

 The high school years are the times when your child builds relationships with peers. This is the time when your child will probably have their first kiss and first boyfriend or girlfriend. It's important to make sure your child cultivates healthy relationships. Be available to have the talks about sex and intimacy. While you might not want your child to have sex in college, it's very important to make sure that the channels of communication are open. Transparency is important. Always make sure that you're able to be a source of wisdom and safety for your child during this time.

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Being Significant...

"We fight for self-worth and significance, and marriage becomes a battlefield rather than a haven..."

This words from the Daily Devotional about 5 Languages of Love is so timely for me who is quite hurting on this area. Let me share it with you as well, you might relate to this too...

Love is not our only emotional need. Psychologists have observed that among our basic needs are the need for security, self-worth, and significance. Love, however, interfaces with all of those. If I feel loved by my spouse, I can relax, knowing that my lover will do me no ill. I feel secure in her presence. I may face many uncertainties in my vocation. I may have enemies in other areas of my life, but with my spouse I feel secure.
My sense of self-worth is fed by the fact that my spouse loves me. After all, if she loves me, I must be worth loving. My parents may have given me negative or mixed messages about my worth, but my spouse knows me as an adult and loves me. Her love builds my self-esteem. The need for significance is the emotional force behind much of our behavior. Life is driven by the desire for success. We want our lives to count for something. We have our own idea of what it means to be significant, and we work hard to reach our goals. Feeling loved by a husband enhances our sense of significance. We reason, If someone loves me, I must have significance.
I am significant because I stand at the apex of the created order. I have the ability to think in abstract terms, communicate my thoughts via words, and make decisions. By means of printed or recorded words, I can benefit from the thoughts of those who have preceded me. I can profit from others’ experience, though they lived in a different age and culture. I experience the death of family and friends and sense that there is existence beyond the material. I discover that, in all cultures, people believe in a spiritual world. My heart tells me it is true even when my mind, trained in scientific observation, raises critical questions. I am significant. Life has meaning. There is a higher purpose. I want to believe it, but I may not feel significant until someone expresses love to me. When my spouse lovingly invests time, energy, and effort in me, I believe that I am significant. Without love, I may spend a lifetime in search of significance, self-worth, and security.
When I experience love, it influences all of those needs positively. I am now freed to develop my potential. I am more secure in my self-worth and can now turn my efforts outward instead of being obsessed with my own needs. True love always liberates. In the context of marriage, if we do not feel loved, our differences are magnified. We come to view each other as a threat to our happiness.
We fight for self-worth and significance, and marriage becomes a battlefield rather than a haven. Love is not the answer to everything, but it creates a climate of security in which we can seek answers to those things that bother us. In the security of love, a couple can discuss differences without condemnation. Conflicts can be resolved. Two people who are different can learn to live together in harmony. We discover how to bring out the best in each other. Those are the rewards of love.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Feeling Bothered? Read This

While the digital world has provided a great deal of access to information in a positive way, it has also wreaked havoc on the way many people live their lives. 

Unfortunately, many people struggle to disconnect. They check their email inboxes through the night. They tend to check social media on a consistent basis. As a result, it's so difficult to disconnect from electronic devices. In order to gain your mental sanity, there are a few ways you can disconnect. One of them involves starting and keeping a morning ritual. Consider these three tips to get started. 

 1. Mind 

Mental health is so important. With suicide rates at an all-time high, too many people are struggling with their mental health. Make your mental health a priority by starting each morning with a brain dump. When you wake up, take some time in the morning to sit and write down everything on your mind. Your thoughts might include the dream you had the night before. You might write down the tasks you'd like to get done for the day. Write about your feelings and emotions down in a journal. This is a great way to get a mental check-in. You'll be able to gauge where your head is at once you intentionally prioritize your mental health. 

2. Body

Many successful, busy CEOs admit that they work out in the early hours of the morning. Try a thirty-minute jog outside or on the treadmill. Go to the pool and swim a few laps. Do a few yoga poses and stretches before you jump in the shower. Do something to get your body moving. Try to switch up the routines on a regular basis. Challenge your body to strengthen, refine and tone new muscles. As you make this a habit, your body will reflect the time you've put in. 

3. Spirit 

Prayer is so important. Take time to pray, read a devotional thought and express gratitude. As you do these three tasks, you'll be able to experience spiritual healing in a profound way. If you love to listen to a specific type of worship music, try playing a song or two as a part of the ritual. As you get into the habit, you'll feel closer to God and the calling on your life.

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When It Rains, it Overflows...

Yes, literally speaking, it's true. While composing this post, I was stranded in one of the grocery store in our city. Another typhoons is about to enter the Philippines' Area of Responsibility (PAR). It is bound to fall in Visayas and yet Mindanao is greatly affected. 

When the rain started, we're having a meeting. Good thing I was able to hitch on my colleague's car. However, I was seated on the corner and there's a water dripping on the car's window lid thus  causing my left arm and legs to get wet. 

When we arrived at the grocery store, my other co-passengers decided to have a bowl of hot "lomi"-it feels good on my tummy and somehow relieve me from that cold feeling. However, the rain didn't stop yet so I was compelled to enter the grocery store for some food stuff-thanks to GCash credit. 

I love the rain, but I hate it when I'm still outside...

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There Is Hope For Women Everywhere

If you are a woman and are experiencing any type of emotional pain that will not go away, there are several different groups you can get involved in to help you with this issue. Not knowing how to find these groups is the hardest thing, but there are certain strategies you can follow to find several of these groups quickly.

Look For All-Women Clubs

The first thing you can do is look for all-women clubs. Every city has one of these, and they usually have some type of headquarters in the downtown area. The great thing about an all-women club is that you can spill your heart out without any men judging you. Additionally, women can discuss how they feel about men without feeling ashamed.

Check Online

The next thing you can do is check online for organizations that help women who are going through an emotional time. It is important that you contact an organization that is making an impact all over the world. One of the greatest representations of this is HEARTS, which is a christian women workshop. This workshop is offered dozens and dozens of times throughout the year, and the workshop is offered in America and throughout the world. What makes this organization special is that it has a long list of names of women whose lives were drastically changed. Their workshops feature humor, emotion, the Bible, and much more, and they are known to be extremely fun, too.

As a woman, if you need any help with your emotions, you should get help today. Many women are in bad situations or even no longer living because they did not want to get help with their emotions. However, all women today have a chance to make better decisions.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018


I have low tolerance with self-centered people. In fact, I have to give up one of my students because she's becoming a great stressor. She deliberately get absent just to be with her boyfriend. Even her guardian can't do anything about it. In spite of all those REMINDERS, she just completely ignore it 

This new generation is so alarming. Morality standards become low. Mostly young girls aging 13 to 16 seems going crazy over "love". They're so obsessed and so engrossed with their emotion that they're more than willing to lie, deceive and sacrifice their studies just to be with the boy they "love"  I put quotations because I believe it's not love at all. It's simply pure attraction. How I wish parents should be more strict or form in disciplining their teenage kids. I can now imagine what kind of mother will I become when my own kids becomes teenagers. Limitations should be strictly emphasized.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Our New SDS- a Game Changer!

"A good leader is somebody whom you can converse with minus the feeling of hostility nor intimidation"- Jackie Cee

Yup, that's my original quote and that's how I describe a good leader.

Just this morning, we were literally surprised with the surprise visit of no less than our Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Jonathan S. dela Peña. 

His presence does not cost us any burden at all. He's not intimidating. He has a very cool personality. I was even privilege enough to take him a picture. I was even joking at him that he should add me on his fb friend's list so I could tag him. And yes, I really searched for his profile and made a friend request. In less than an hour, he accepted my request! Cool, isn't it. Now we're having connections through the social media. I now have an update of his life, oops don't get me wrong, am not stalking him, I'll just wait for any update that would appear on my news feed.

Lastly, the SDS is very eloquent in giving speeches. There's never a dull moment when he's center stage. Indeed, he's a real game changer of the Department of Education!

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hello JULY

It's FIRST OF JULY, yet we're here in the hospital with my daughter who is admitted for frequent vomiting. She just turned 5 yesterday. Later it was found out that she's suffering from gastritis and moderate dehydration. 
Chilling at PGMH
It is so costly to get sick. Good thing I was able to lend from a colleague. 

Lesson learned: be more cautious next time in choosing food for children.

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