Friday, July 6, 2018

When It Rains, it Overflows...

Yes, literally speaking, it's true. While composing this post, I was stranded in one of the grocery store in our city. Another typhoons is about to enter the Philippines' Area of Responsibility (PAR). It is bound to fall in Visayas and yet Mindanao is greatly affected. 

When the rain started, we're having a meeting. Good thing I was able to hitch on my colleague's car. However, I was seated on the corner and there's a water dripping on the car's window lid thus  causing my left arm and legs to get wet. 

When we arrived at the grocery store, my other co-passengers decided to have a bowl of hot "lomi"-it feels good on my tummy and somehow relieve me from that cold feeling. However, the rain didn't stop yet so I was compelled to enter the grocery store for some food stuff-thanks to GCash credit. 

I love the rain, but I hate it when I'm still outside...

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