Friday, July 6, 2018

Feeling Bothered? Read This

While the digital world has provided a great deal of access to information in a positive way, it has also wreaked havoc on the way many people live their lives. 

Unfortunately, many people struggle to disconnect. They check their email inboxes through the night. They tend to check social media on a consistent basis. As a result, it's so difficult to disconnect from electronic devices. In order to gain your mental sanity, there are a few ways you can disconnect. One of them involves starting and keeping a morning ritual. Consider these three tips to get started. 

 1. Mind 

Mental health is so important. With suicide rates at an all-time high, too many people are struggling with their mental health. Make your mental health a priority by starting each morning with a brain dump. When you wake up, take some time in the morning to sit and write down everything on your mind. Your thoughts might include the dream you had the night before. You might write down the tasks you'd like to get done for the day. Write about your feelings and emotions down in a journal. This is a great way to get a mental check-in. You'll be able to gauge where your head is at once you intentionally prioritize your mental health. 

2. Body

Many successful, busy CEOs admit that they work out in the early hours of the morning. Try a thirty-minute jog outside or on the treadmill. Go to the pool and swim a few laps. Do a few yoga poses and stretches before you jump in the shower. Do something to get your body moving. Try to switch up the routines on a regular basis. Challenge your body to strengthen, refine and tone new muscles. As you make this a habit, your body will reflect the time you've put in. 

3. Spirit 

Prayer is so important. Take time to pray, read a devotional thought and express gratitude. As you do these three tasks, you'll be able to experience spiritual healing in a profound way. If you love to listen to a specific type of worship music, try playing a song or two as a part of the ritual. As you get into the habit, you'll feel closer to God and the calling on your life.

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