Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to Prepare Your Son or Daughter to College

The high school years are the last few years for you to enjoy your children before they head off to college and start their own independent lives. It's important to make sure these years are productive, fun and fruitful. There are a few ways to make sure this happens. 

Consider these three. 

 1. Educational Priorities.

  One of the reasons why many parents want their children to get into the best private high schools in florida is because they want to set them up for college. When a child does well in high school, this widens the number of opportunities they have for college acceptances. Many important exams like the SATs and ACTs are given in the high school years. Furthermore, many students can take accelerated courses and gain college credits for free. 

 2. Extracurricular Activities 

 Whether your child loves soccer, basketball or drama, extracurricular activities help to spice up the educational experience with fun. Most colleges like to see students who are well-rounded. So, a mix of extracurricular activities, educational excellence and community service are the three areas that most students tend to work toward mastering. Sit down with your teenager and figure out which extracurricular activities will work well for them based on their personality. If you have a naturally shy child, singing in the choir might help them come out of their shell. However, it could make them retreat more into that shell. It's all about knowing the balance. Once your son or daughter is clear on which direction to pursue, always remain encouraging. 

 3. Relationships 

 The high school years are the times when your child builds relationships with peers. This is the time when your child will probably have their first kiss and first boyfriend or girlfriend. It's important to make sure your child cultivates healthy relationships. Be available to have the talks about sex and intimacy. While you might not want your child to have sex in college, it's very important to make sure that the channels of communication are open. Transparency is important. Always make sure that you're able to be a source of wisdom and safety for your child during this time.

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