Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Our New SDS- a Game Changer!

"A good leader is somebody whom you can converse with minus the feeling of hostility nor intimidation"- Jackie Cee

Yup, that's my original quote and that's how I describe a good leader.

Just this morning, we were literally surprised with the surprise visit of no less than our Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Jonathan S. dela Peña. 

His presence does not cost us any burden at all. He's not intimidating. He has a very cool personality. I was even privilege enough to take him a picture. I was even joking at him that he should add me on his fb friend's list so I could tag him. And yes, I really searched for his profile and made a friend request. In less than an hour, he accepted my request! Cool, isn't it. Now we're having connections through the social media. I now have an update of his life, oops don't get me wrong, am not stalking him, I'll just wait for any update that would appear on my news feed.

Lastly, the SDS is very eloquent in giving speeches. There's never a dull moment when he's center stage. Indeed, he's a real game changer of the Department of Education!

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