Monday, April 30, 2012

Real-life Barbie

As I opened my yahoo mail to check my inbox when my attention was caught with one of the Yahoo news about the so-called "real-life Barbie". I was really surprised to see this Ukrainian beauty whose profile was undoubtedly comparable to "Barbie" .

If you will really look closer with the picture you can really mistaken the subject as a doll, specifically a Barbie doll.  See her up close below. Are you convinced?
Valeria Lukyanova

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

MYM/BPC #120/366: The Lion and His Prey

Father and Son bonding :)
Linking this post with Blog Photo Challenge hosted by Blogger's Notes and Mellow Yellow Monday.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Build Your Muscles This Summer!

Confidence starts when you feel good about yourself. Just like women, men are quite vain too that they are willing to do anything just to get the body that they want. If women are taking extra effort to maintain a slim figure on which not all are capable of, men will also do everything in order to build muscles that they can boast of. There are lots of summer activities for both men and women that requires them to show a lot of skin just like Bikini Open. The one who wins are those who have enough confidence with how they look and can carry themselves well.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Like An Ink Blot

Nobody is perfect.  This is a common adage which applies to all of us.
We are living in this imperfect world with imperfect people. All of us have struggles in life though in different degree. However, the imperfections of an individual does not make him a lesser being- at least it shouldn't be the case. But we cannot deny the fact that there is one who just cannot stand with the imperfections of the other. And that is inevitable. There are people who set standards that should be followed AND we ought to follow such standard. Failure to comply is tantamount to a certain consequences. We call it as an act of discipline. The word "discipline" according to WordWeb is a training to improve strength or self-control. Others defined it as an act of punishing. The latter is quite heavier. A misguided behavior needs an amount of discipline. But it should follow a certain process. And the word "process" means a particular course of action intended to achieve a result.
So, what are the course of action that should be followed in order to achieve a result when somebody has that unbecoming behavior? Allow me to put an emphasis on right and proper communication. How important is communication in settling an issue with somebody who violated the standards set forth by the authority? Consider this: A child will never understand why you suddenly spank him without even explaining to him the reason why. But, what if the child knows the reason? Won't you give him a chance to explain his side why he committed such an  act of misbehavior? Communication is a two-way process. We just cannot simply judge a person immediately with the way he behaves in our own point of view. We need to extend an ear for us to understand the reason behind his action.
Sometimes our judgment focus NOT on the issue but to the person himself. The way we perceive an individual affects our judgment. I can attest to that because I am a teacher who dealt with different kinds of students with unique attitudes. In as much as I want to be objective with my assessment, I couldn't help the fact that my assessment sometimes depends on how I perceive the students without even considering their upbringing as well as the kind of environment they live with. I am very much quick to judge the behavior of my students. I became BIAS with my assessment. If I will insist on assessing my student this way then I could be likened to a man whose clean sheet of a paper was blotted with an ink as big as a dot. His focus was no longer on the white area of the paper but rather, his attention was focus on that minute ink blot and so he crumpled the paper and put it in the waste basket. Wow, what a waste indeed!
 Again, this should not be the case. 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WFW: Aiming the Right Focus

This morning's devotional was a great reminder for me. The Book of 2 Corinthians 4: 18 tells us to focus on what is eternal, not on what is temporary. I have lots of wants in life. My heart's desires are quite many but only few were being granted. This somehow frustrates me a little. However, I realized that all my frustrations are futile. It only added to my stress. I admit, I was quite disoriented once again with my goals in life. I am aiming the wrong focus that is why it causes me lots of frustrations in life.
Lately, my hubby went through some "ordeal". And all I could do is just to stand by him. I could not lift a finger unto him because I am partly to be blamed with what happened to him. Now I am trying to focus on the good side in all that happened to him and that is he could now have all day to spend time with our baby. By just merely thinking about it, I love the idea of seeing my hubby and my son establishing a great bond with each other. He somehow express his apprehensions about our status and he asked me if we could make it. Of course, I should be positive with all things though deep inside I am quite in doubt but I told him that with God's help, we can make it. We also discuss about meeting both ends with our monthly expenses. I am hopeful that what we've been through right now will have a positive impact in the end.
Lot of things were running through my mind right now. I have lots of plans and I don't know as to what plans will work perfectly well. Still, God is in control of everything. Once again, I have to be firm with what I believe because God is never mistaken.
I still believe that God prepared a better future ahead for me and for my family. All I need to do is to aim the right focus.

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#116/366: My Little Pooh

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#114/366 BPC: The Angry Bird and the Angry Baby

heart to heart talk with Angry Bird
This is the result of their discussion LOL!
Meet my baby's new buddy, it's Angry Bird! I am linking this post for Blog Photo Challenge hosted by The Blogger's Notes

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Who Owns What?

Is it really necessary that each part of the world should be owned by any country? The ongoing dispute between the Philippines and China as to the claims of Scarborough Shoal remains on the headlines today and quite threatening too. The Balikatan Forces (a joint forces between Philippines and US) created a various reaction from the masses. China also did the same thing with the Russian Forces (sounds threatening, isn't it) but both parties assured that it doesn't mean any harm or it doesn't prelude to any war attempts whatsoever. 

The thing is, should it really be necessary that all parts of the God-created domain should be owned by any interested country? Could we possibly just leave it as it is. Could it be treated as common for all? I am not really good in Geography and its corresponding laws. But if such piece of God's property will cause any two country to go on war, better leave it as it is. What do you think?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

WFW: Beware

1 Peter 5:8 (117 kb)

Beware of the devil!

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Quench Your Thirst

This summer, one cannot live without cold drinks. My hubby keeps on saying that he needs to lose weight and yet he never stops drinking cold beverages. He even loves to drink water straight from the pitcher on the refrigerator. Good thing our land lady got one of the best fridges where cold water could really quench your thirst. How about you, what have you got on your fridge?

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Whew, Thank God it's Friday! I always love weekend because it is another bonding moment with my baby. This morning he just had his cool bath again and he really loves it. I am also a little bit excited because I can already cut his nails even when he is awake. My baby indeed grows so fast and as much as possible, I would like to treasure all those moments where he is still so cuddly and I could still hold him in my arms. For I know that time will come when he can already walk and run, I will probably be missing cuddling him once again.

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Got That Solar Pool Products?

Solar Sun Rings 
The scorching heat of the sun is inevitable. No wonder most of the vacation destination chosen by the majority population is beaches and resorts. This is also an opportunity for resort owners to improve their facilities considering that competition is at stake. Most families would really prefer a vacation destination where they can truly unwind with the cool pool or beaches. Maintenance is one thing that each pool owner should take into consideration. There are lots of available pool supply that could help them in maintaining the quality of their pool. Of course, customer's satisfaction should be a priority that is why investing with pool supplies is not a waste of money. In choosing ideal pool supplies, go for solar pool products so that you can truly make the most of the sun's natural energy.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running Out of Water (Again?)

I admit. I wasn't able to take a bath today. There was a problem with the water line in our place and they still have to fix it. Nevertheless, the presence of purified water refilling station in our place is really a great blessings. Thus, my baby had his cool bath, we're able to wash the dishes, sterilized his feeding bottles and sip a hot cup of coffee.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Honest Opinion (Transgenders Issue)

It's been awhile that I have lost that passion to write. One reason was that-I AM SICK. Yeah, my allergic bronchitis nailed me down once again. Anyway, what's new?

I failed to write about that rocket failure thing of North Korea. Well, their effort was in vain and we  have nothing to do with that LOL! And there's no need for me to write about that because it's already around the global news) How about the amended regulation set by the Miss U organizers to allow transgenders to compete with the REAL women. Would you agree? If you do so, raise your feet! LOL! The so-called third sex generation were so happy (for sure!)

Personally, I totally disagree. I am not against transgenders, its just that competition for women should be FOR WOMEN alone (well, that's just my HONEST opinion). If the Miss U org will really pursue their new amendment by next year, the essence of the competition will become ____________ (fill-in the blank- name your adjective).

Seriously speaking, I believe that transgenders exist because they were not satisfied with what God bestowed upon them (their manhood) and that's the most obvious reason for me... They tried to change the original plan of God for them. They don't mind how much it takes for them in order to achieve their wants or shall I say their NEEDS in life. They tried to make a difference in their lives by having the feeling or a real women. Well, they are entitled to that-it's their life. God created them as a rational being, with freewill and it is up to them how will they live their life. 

And now, they want to prove that they too can do what a real women can by taking part of the annual beauty pageant which is the Miss Universe. The issue about the transgender who was disqualified in joining the pageant in Canada leads to the decision of allowing them to join next year in the Miss Universe Pageant by the organizers. Such decisions allowed the transgenders to compete with the real women (with emphasis). Many were totally dismayed with this decision (count me in). I am not against with them, it is just not right to allow them to join with the prestigious beauty pageant such as the Miss Universe. They can create a new pageant similar to Miss U if they will really insist. It is not fair, frankly speaking. I know some of you will agree with me, hmm?

This post didn't mean to judge them- this is just an honest observation. 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ping Your Blog

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