Monday, April 23, 2012

Who Owns What?

Is it really necessary that each part of the world should be owned by any country? The ongoing dispute between the Philippines and China as to the claims of Scarborough Shoal remains on the headlines today and quite threatening too. The Balikatan Forces (a joint forces between Philippines and US) created a various reaction from the masses. China also did the same thing with the Russian Forces (sounds threatening, isn't it) but both parties assured that it doesn't mean any harm or it doesn't prelude to any war attempts whatsoever. 

The thing is, should it really be necessary that all parts of the God-created domain should be owned by any interested country? Could we possibly just leave it as it is. Could it be treated as common for all? I am not really good in Geography and its corresponding laws. But if such piece of God's property will cause any two country to go on war, better leave it as it is. What do you think?

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kimmyschemy said...

it is so sad and to think that the world has enough space for everyone..

a visit from kim!

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