Thursday, November 16, 2017

Unknown Stress

While complying one task after the other, I was brought back to my memory lane. Those days that I am still young, carefree and happy. Oops am not saying that things have been changing differently these days. But when I tried to look back to my younger years, those years are indeed full of vigor, energy and enthusiasm! I may have known stress but not that much.

As of now, I am happy because I've got three adorable kids who completed my day. But then I have this unnecessary worries that keeps on bugging me and I know this is common to not-so-old mothers out there who faced some kind of premid-life crisis (sorry for the premid word, I just made it up). I am not afraid with all these responsibilities laid down before me- I am just not sure if I could really make it happen up to my last breath. I have so many apprehensions. I tried to be calm but sometimes, I just cannot avoid the fact that my kids are growing and so do I-only older.

I could only pray to God that He would continue to strengthen me and enlighten me always that I should learn to develop that unwavering faith in HIM.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Helping Your Child Overcome Milestone Obstacles

Children all grow and learn at different paces.  However, they are expected to reach developmental milestones by certain ages.  

Engage Behavioral Health
When your child has yet to reach these important stages, your pediatrician may suggest that you have your child undergo special intervention services.  When you want to safeguard your child's physical, emotional, and behavioral health Tampa FL parents like you may enroll your son or daughter in programs designed to help your child reach milestones and overcome obstacles.

Learning through Play

Children do not respond well to typical therapy designed for adults.  Adults can sit for an hour or longer and talk about their feelings.  They can respond to auditory input without having to interact with dimensional stimuli like pictures or toys.  They may overcome their emotional, mental, and behavioral issues through individual or group counseling.

Kids are not like adults and instead need that sensory stimulation to learn and grow.  They cannot sit and talk to a therapist.  They need to engage in a more meaningful way with therapists and counselors who are there to help them learn.

When you visit the facility's website, you can find out how the programs are designed to teach children through play.  Your son or daughter will learn what he or she needs to know by playing with toys, listening to music, looking at pictures, being told stories, and with other age-appropriate methods.  

The sessions will not be merely sitting in a chair while talking to a therapist.  Your child will play and learn at the same time.

Discovering the Healthcare Professionals on Staff

Your child may be the center of your world, which is why you want to entrust his or her care to people who are highly trained and have the experience needed to help your son or daughter.  You can put your own mind at ease by using the links on the website to learn more about the staff at the facility.

You can read up on the staff's professional qualifications and what educational training they have.  If you feel comfortable with them, you can use the links online to make an initial appointment.  You have total control over your child's treatments and therapy through the facility's online patient portals.

When your child has yet to reach milestones expected for his or her age, you may enroll him or her in therapeutic programs.  You can learn more and make the first appointment by going online today.

Professional Stress?

While multi-tasking, this phrase pop on my mind. But is there such thing as professional stress? I knew I just made it up but if I were to explain about the origin of that phrase- it boils down to one thing- STRESS-RELATED WORK, thus the word Professional. 

I've been through a very hectic week. Recording outputs, computing grades,making card entries, and on top of that are the classes, meetings and other assigned tasks specifically given to me. Indeed, it was very stressful. I was even confused on what to do first. Good thing I was able to manage it, but of course with some compromises. I learned to decline politely to my School Head's request because I have to finish writing entries to my student's report card which was to be given to their parents on Friday! She asked me to attend to the schools' Monitoring data for online submission which was due on the same day also. 

Personally, I do not complain on taking tasks that were assigned to me as long as I can do it and as long as it is not URGENT. I really don't like to do task that is time bounded along with other urgent tasks. It would be okay if that's the only thing that I have to attend to. The stress was indeed overwhelming! There are tasks that supposedly not on my concern but was delegated to me because I was the "only" one who can do it. Well, I am not really complaining but it was just so draining on my part.  

Relieve Stress While Creating More Time

Today’s busy world leaves many people feeling overwhelmed and stressed. There are simply never enough hours in the day to accomplish all that needs to be done. Bedtime then becomes a moment of regret rather than a relaxing time of day to recoup for tomorrow. By changing the following three things, you can actually create more time for yourself and relieve a little of that stress. 

Household Chores

There are some instances where splurging on hiring some help can be greatly rewarding. Having a house cleaning service come in once a week can be just enough of a help that you will find it well worth the cost. The same is true for hiring a gardener to take care of the lawn and flower beds. Snow storms can wreak havoc on a work day morning. Consider the snow removal Mars PA has to offer like that from Professional Landscape Service, Inc. to help save you time and frustration.


Meal time can be crazy when it should actually be a relaxing time of day. Planning ahead can take a lot of the stress out of the daily dinner. Think about making larger meals on your day off. This will allow you to have plenty of left overs for busy weeknights. Crockpot meals are another terrific solution. Place the ingredients for several dinners in a marked freezer bags. In the morning you can simply pick which meal to have, and pop it in the slow cooker.


Adults need a bedtime routine just as much as the children do. Turn off all electronics and TVs an hour before lying down. Unwind by taking a bath or reading part of a good book. Once you actually crawl into bed, turn off all bright lights. If the quiet feels like too much, use a fan or noise machine to lull you to sleep. Getting a regular amount of sleep each night will leave you feeling much more relaxed and ready to take on the new day.

Passing a few of the household chores on to others as well as planning for meals ahead of time will free up many hours throughout the week. Add a good night’s sleep to this new outlook on life, and you will feel the stress melting away.

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